Tokyo's 'Kill Bill' restaurant cuts hours to avoid fines over COVID curbs


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I had no idea that was a real restaurant.

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I have been there to Gonpachi. Twice. The food is very expensive and not very good. Its a good place to go to have a Birthday Party as they do all the whole Kill Bill thang.

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Went there in Azabu 15-20 years ago. I do not remember it was too expensive. As it as for some parties, I always enjoyed the moment and liked this place

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Pre- Kill Bill this place was a stand-up spot

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I am wondering if they also reconstruct Pulp Fiction's scene at a diner.

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This is a joke, right? The SOE is set to finish on Sunday. This restaurant has been operating at normal business hours throughout the whole SOE. Now, they have said they will comply with just a couple of days to go to avoid paying a penalty. What a joke!

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Let’s close early for 2 nights! Then, we can say “We did our part to combat the scourge!”

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Can I meet Gogo Yubari there?

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Huh. Been there many times (nice venue, average food), but after those comments and such attitude from the company president, I don't think I ever will again...

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... been there; nothing special. They should be fined btw.

but I admire the fact that this was an inspiration to some of the coolest scenes in one of the coolest movies in the history of cinema. ... “poor“ Gogo Yubari; ... was rooting for her ...

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Tarantino asked this place to allow him to film there. They refused, so he reconstructed the restaurant on a soundstage in Beijing. That was 17 years ago and they have been cashing in on it ever since.

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They need to fine them 300,000 yen for everyday that they were open during the SOE except the days which they closed early. If they don't then it means that these laws were just for show and they never had any intention of enforcing them.

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A truly malignant individual, spurning the notion of the common good. Spouting bizarre rhetoric as a justification for failing to act properly during a pandemic.

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With all that fame it is NOT so COOL not to comply with government orders, after all it is for the safety of all and not just your customers.

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Seems like they found a loophole! The law of fining restaurants itself wasn’t well designed so they decided to exploit it to avoid fines. Still this whole close at 8pm ( 9pm from Sunday onwards ) is senseless. People commute in super crowded trains and more people go to the restaurants earlier to make it super crowded since they close early so it’s all a farce!

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More restaurants should have resisted the useless lockdowns like this.

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laughing beyond return here at circus jland has become with all this nonsense. Still rules are rules and I agree to Jame this billy restaurant needs to pay 300,000 yen per every day did not comply to hours. Unfair for those who did comply.

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I drive past there every night and didn’t realize that they were still open.

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I love how the government begins enforcing the fines JUST before lifting the SOE -- and I bet they don't give a single fine out, either. More lip-service. We'll see if they keep it in effect for the fourth wave.

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Live close by as never go again as limited expensive menu and food is crap

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