Tokyo's barrier-free push hits snag for wheelchair users


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Snag? Might have something to do with mental agility a trait that is sadly lacking in Japan.

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And, I still see station staff carrying people in wheelchairs up and down stairs at Tokyo Metro stations. Japan is quite famous for its minimalist mentality when it comes to infrastructure. This is despite extremely high ward taxes and health insurance. I dare you to try to find a public school with access and amenities for wheelchair bound students.

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No, there is a huge issue for visitors with disabilities when visiting Japan, let alone those who live here. (I know). And for stations that do have elevators.... WTF do able bodied people queue up to use the elevators for there, when there are Mothers with kids in push chairs, or elderly in wheelchairs waiting in line...surely they should see that and make the moral decision to use the stairs!... may the pox of diabetes be upon them if they are deemed so unworthy.

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There are many stations where the disabled need to be carried up and down stairs.With the legions of elderly on the rise, there needs to be a huge infrastructure overhaul in Japan.

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