Tokyo's new Toyosu fish market opens doors to public


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@Joeintokyo - It's funny how there's been no talk of the Toyosu chemical problem lately. Did they fix the problem? How did they fix it? When did they fix it? Nothing on the news that I've seen.

They said they fixed it. They used money. However, whether the money was used to remove the chemicals or to gain the approval remains to be confirmed.

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For being brand new it looks pretty small.

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It will make a nice museum when all the fish are gone

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The real victim in all of this is Shijomae Station on the Yurikamome Line. It used to have the honour of being the least used station in Tokyo's 23 wards. Between this and the IHI Stage Around Tokyo that opened last year, it's going to lose that position for sure.

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Before, as soon as people got off the subway and walk closer to the Tsukiji Fish Market, the bad smell of rotten fish hit noses. No more of the bad smell at Toyosu?

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