Tokyo's taxi drivers suffer another blow with no Olympic spectators


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Yea I feel sorry for the drivers but the olympics were never going to make any of them rich. I think it's time to look at getting out of that business. Margins are so low, costs high. Eventually they will be replaced by driverless services.

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I took better taxis in Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul and Bangkok.

That's the most ridiculous comment I've read today.

Obviously, you made it out alive.

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More than a few are really quite rude and can do no more than grunt…

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Poor taxi drivers first they had to fight Uber now they are worried about the SOE and the pandic causing wage loss!

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I feel for them and I believe Japanese taxi's to be the cleanest and the drivers to be the most polite and honest of any I have patronised.

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Silver lining is that it is probably better for their health with few or no fans right now unless they are all fully vaccinated.

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I took better taxis in Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul and Bangkok.

Just because the taxi drivers wear white gloves and there's an irritating TV screen on the back of the seat, doesn't make things luxurious.

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I think cab drivers are overall nice, but I prefer the luxury trains in and around Japan. Green car and first-class for me all the way. It only costs money and what is money? Something to use to enjoy life with.

Plus most cab drivers are not vaccinated and smell like cigarettes.

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Really @Zoroto? @Thomas? The only other country in Asia that 'perhaps' has cleaner, well cooled/heated taxis is Seoul, and that's only if you get a Premier Taxi which is extra.

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I wonder how all the other taxi drivers in Japan and worldwide can do. Those are all very far away from any Olympic for decades or during their whole life. lol

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Is it?

Not compared to other Asian countries, but certainly it is compared to the West.

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Taking a taxi in the Japanese capital is a luxurious experience

Is it?

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My wife is an executive PA and since Covid-19 trying to book a taxi for the CEO, other executives and clients has become a nightmare.

First nearly every taxi company have some of the worst designed reservation apps and websites one has ever seen, second because people are trying to avoid the crowded trains as much as possible it has even become near impossible to call and book a cab.

She actually used this company but recently has had very little luck getting through and when she does they have no cabs available.

And they usually have a surcharge when you call a cab as opposed to flagging one down on the street.

Something inst adding up!

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I think lost billions of ¥'s and gained 0 from Olympics. Budget 2022-23 will be huge burden on tax payers.

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well these so called olympics had to be cancelled long time ago...

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I hear you, Kawaguchi-san.

We were all originally hoping for some kind of benefit from the Games.

Or now, at least some competent leadership and management through the crisis.

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"Tokyo's taxi drivers suffer another blow with no Olympic spectators"

Too bad. I wish them well while they lower the price of a taxi ride in Tokyo.

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They invested in all those "large sized" taxis too. What a huge waste these games have been. I bet they'll try and host the games again 2032 or 36.

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Perhaps the author erred with Taxi co. ‘safety protocols’ & ‘sequence of actions’ during the Pandemic?:

- “1) After changing into uniform, 2) he takes a breathalyzer test and 3) a temperature check, then 4) enters his gleaming black taxi adorned with the logo of the virus 2020 Games.”

Shouldn’t it be 3, 2, 1 then, 4 ?

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Sadly, small business opportunities have been sacrificed by the JOCLDPTOC lack of foresight & adequate planning … but not their profits

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Many were hoping for an earning boost from the $26 billion games.

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