Tokyo American Club lowers entrance fees


Tokyo American Club (TAC) said Tuesday it has revised its resident membership entrance fees to make membership of the club more accessible to the international community and to promote diversity in its membership.

Resident membership entrance fees for foreign residents of Japan, regardless of family status or time in Japan, have been lowered to 1.2 million yen. This is a permanent amendment to the club’s membership fee policy.

John Durkin, the club’s representative governor and president, said, “We have recently welcomed over 350 new incremental foreign members to club, and with the new entry fee membership structure, we look forward to welcoming many more new members. The TAC community is diverse, vibrant and growing. We will be very pleased to welcome new members from the American and international community to our club.”

Durkin added, “After investing 28 billion yen in our new Azabudai facility, TAC is one of the world’s best private member clubs. TAC is a great place to establish new relationships, meet friends, enjoy Tokyo’s best fitness and recreation facilities, and excellent adult and family dining."

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HA! 1.2 million yen?? I thought it was about half that and I still thought it was expensive, and that's the lowered amount! I don't know many Americans that want to pay that amount. The birthday parties I've been to there have all been for kids of British/Australian bankers and other European expats with Japanese spouses.

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Wonderful club, wish I could join, but 1.2 million is about 1.2 million more than I can afford!

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Wow, this exists? And it's not 1975?

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I once thought of joining this club and looked into the social perks as well as business benefits of membership. Once I found out about the fees, I quickly lost interest. A friend of mine, who was a member, said his fees were paid by his cooperation and it was an incentive to keep him in Japan. The prestige of saying you are a member is the only benefit. There are less expensive alternatives. Besides, I like to mingle with down to earth people.

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