Tokyo American Club to serve as COVID-19 vaccination center


Tokyo American Club is set to play a part in Japan’s nationwide effort to accelerate the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations.

From July 3, in unison with the Minato-ku Hokenjo, the club will reconfigure its significant event space into a large-scale pandemic vaccination center. The vaccination center will have the potential to administer more than 1,500 vaccinations per day and a total of 30,000 people while it is in operation.

While medical staff administer coronavirus vaccines to eligible residents of Minato Ward in the Club’s event space, all other areas of the club facility in Azabudai will continue to operate as normal.

“We are extremely proud for Tokyo American Club to be able to play a role in this essential vaccination drive. Community support has been a core value of the club throughout its 93-year history. With this initiative, we hope to impactfully contribute to Tokyo’s rapid revitalization,” said Michael Benner, Representative Governor of Tokyo American Club.

Beyond residents of Minato Ward, this vaccination center will also serve to vaccinate affiliated company employees and their families. Medical staff volunteers include a large number of Tokyo American Club members as well as professionals from the Minato area.

Sam Rogan, Tokyo American Club’s First Vice President, and club vaccination center project leader, commented, “Minato-ku and the many physicians, dentists and nurses have risen to the call to action and are working tirelessly and expeditiously to ensure the smooth implementation of this center to benefit the Tokyo community,” he said.

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THE American Club? I guess getting the jab would be the only way for an "ordinary Joe" like me to get past their doors.

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what about the members ? Shouldn't they get a shot for letting Minato ku use their club.

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The what and the where? Is this a Tokyo thing? Yes, because all of Japan is only in Tokyo........

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