Tokyo bar offers cocktail of booze and Buddhism

By Hyun Oh

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I don't know what kind of Buddhist he is but the 5th precept he might have taken considers selling of alcohol a rather serious breach of his vows. Taking alcohol is relatively minor but selling it hurts others in violation of the Boddhisatva vows of Mahayana Buddhism.

But hey, let's not let tradition or religion determine our behaviour in this case, eh?

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“Every day, my heart gets tainted by dirt in the secular world, so I come here to repurify it over some drinks and fun,” said regular patron Noriko Urai, a 42-year-old businesswoman.

She might have missed the point somewhere.

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@Moonraker "She might have missed the point somewhere."

She seems to have it spot on. I believe the precepts refer to 'intoxicants' and not specifically alcohol, and that intoxicants can be interpreted as things that distract us from the intimate experience of life. The question is which gives us the greatest experience: the drudgery of a nine-to-five job or a vodka, raspberry liqueur and cranberry juice concoction. Perhaps only those who have taken the true path over many years can understand the purity of Noriko's devotions. To get started, I suggest chanting with a glass of sherry.

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There is something very burlesque about the bar. I suspect that kind of irony is not intended though, either among staff or customers.

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I was once acquainted with a buddhist priest - he could slam whisky down with the best of em! I'm sure the almighty Buddha would approve of this bar - he famously had a beer belly after all! Just hoping they do nomi-hodais in the Buddha bar, if so I will pop in some time.

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They should have a cocktail in a pint glass, a concoction of whiskey, vodka, pernod and a shot of absinthe ... the kind of thing that will guarantee a hangover (uless you bowk it up first) ..... They could call it 'Cause and Effect'.

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I'd check out. Hopefully, it's a no smoking bar.

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I saw on tv, here in Japan, about an American?? Not too sure, but some kind of Christian priest, and he was doing a similar thing, had a bar, serving drinks, listening to his customers troubles,problems etc..and preaching to them. Only in Japan?? Not too sure, but what the heck! If this is what it takes to get to really sit down and talk to people, heart to heart, why not??

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Don't be so quick to judge, people! This is fantastic! A guy reaching out to his flock, just in reverse. He's bringing them to him! I seem to recall another dude who enjoyed a sip as well. You know? Water into wine (that's just a hint!'

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Sounds like a awesome idea.

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