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Tokyo begins 4th vaccinations of medical workers amid 7th wave


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We need new vaccines

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A few months back, the government said the 4th dose was not necessary for healthy people, including medical workers. This was based on the results from Israel.

This is just a reaction to the increasing infection, not based on science, for which the vaccine has been useless.

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An Omicron specific booster would be nice, but this is what we have at the moment, and it will further decrease one’s risk of severe illness and death.

Don’t listen to the anti-vax people.

Get the booster as soon as logistically possible.

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Does anyone know if the Novavax vaccine is available as a booster here? A couple months ago I read that it was approved for use but haven’t seen anything about it since.

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It's gratifying to see the overwhelming effectiveness of modern pharma's tools to stem the spread of this disease and just four (or five or six or...) vaccinations and two bouts of COVID itself and one might not get it again... um? And no end of learned explanations as to the apparent disdain this virus has for Big Pharma. and the love Big Pharma stockholders must have for this virus...

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I'm kinda looking forward to the 7th and 8th dose days ahead. Like, won't it just seem a little ridiculous at that point? I assume that they'll just call them "boosters" at that point and not give them a number.

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Get vaccinated or boosted asap!

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The fourth dose that doesn’t counter the new variants?

Not for me thanks....

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No fourths vaccin for me. I had my 3 Moderna and still got Infected by Covid…

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Medical staff and elderly care workers in Tokyo began to receive their fourth COVID-19 vaccinations on Saturday after the government expanded its eligibility criteria in response to Japan's seventh wave of infections.

I give credit to those medical staff though, for making due with non-N95 masks, and now going through the motions of getting a shot that has almost no effect at preventing them from becoming infected.

Personally, based on advice of an acquaintance who is a medical expert, I will wait for the results of the new vaccines being developed in response to the new variants.

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Why? Obviously the vaccines don’t work or we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place…luckily this current variant is mild so people can build their natural immunity which is the only way to beat this in the long term!

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Obviously the vaccines don’t work or we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place

I'm triple vaxxed, never wear a mask, and never caught it. Obviously the vaccines work or we wouldn't be having THIS conversation in the first place.

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Whenever I need any sort of medical advice I just look at social media comments , so many medical experts giving their advice away for free .

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