Tokyo cancels flights, trains ahead of typhoon


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Stay safe everyone.

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The typhoon will arrive in Tokyo around 4am and hang around Tokyo until mid-morning or possibly midday. No work tomorrow folks! How will Japan Inc. cope?

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No work tomorrow folks! How will Japan Inc. cope?

Trains or no trains, my company will still expect everyone to be at work tomorrow, lol.

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The typhoon is arriving at 0400, so they cancel the bullet trains from 1800 the previous day, which would have stopped running at 2345 anyway! Makes sense?

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The Yamanote line will not run before 8 am. It will be probably hell after that. My son’s school will be closed tomorrow

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Looks like the JR managment figured out how to deal with angry customers: just cancel everything way ahead and trains won't be late - because they are not running at all. Never mind that this might make it difficult for people to get home esp on a weekend spent far away. Same happened to me a year ago when I went (by car) to run the Matsumoto Marathon. Only to find out they canceled this rather big event the night before, because JR announced they would stop the express trains from afternoon in preperation for a Taifun approaching late evening! Guess this falls under Japan's pride "Omotenashi". Only in this case it means not only thinking about all the details, but also deciding everything for the (paying) customers, no questions asked, no complaints taken!

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It seems to be a yet another non-event... which is troubling as people may soon disregard warnings when they really matter!

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No work tomorrow folks! How will Japan Inc. cope?

You happy??..

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For how long will this typhoon havoc japan? Im traveling to Osaka on the 15th sep, would love to have a safe trip and survive.

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Cancelling the trains the day before is obviously in order to prevent angry customers. See, this is what you get when you complain too much... Good job people!

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Flew out of Narita to Portland, Oregon just in time. 4:30 departure.

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