Tokyo digs out from heavy snow; transport disruptions remain


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So glad I grew up in the Pacific Northwest! 23cm of snow is nothing!

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Heavy snow? It was just a little more than a dusting! I couldn’t imagine the chaos if more than 30cm fell in Tokyo.

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The problem with snow in Tokyo is that the rest of the country has to watch them learning how to deal with it on the TV news.

For much of Japan it is just part of everyday life.

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I'm jealous, id love to see some snow in Osaka, the weather is quite mild today.

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From 10am to 10pm at least in this neck of the woods... 12 hours of continuous snowfall is pretty decent... at least where I'm from it would be if it ever snowed more than once in 70 years.

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It's beautiful I'm mesmerised with how clean and bright things look even after an avalanche from the neighbors roof gave me a brisk awakening. Wasn't expecting that. Could have ruined my moment. Be looking up for the rest of the day.

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The problem with snow in Tokyo is that the rest of the country has to watch them learning how to deal with it on the TV news.

...and extremely patronising advice from newcasters telling people to take smaller steps to as not to fall over.

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i watched a guy try to shovel snow off his roof by throwing the shovel up in the air, the shovel of course landed right on his car putting a huge dent in the hood.

that moment right there made this snowfall worth it.

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Walked through Yoyogi park in the morning, it was a snowy wonderland.

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We had about 25cm in Western Tokyo.... luckily I do not commute.

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20cm?! Back in my hometown in Nortern Michigan we would call that Monday. Here in Niigata we got hammered last week. I just left a little earlier to get to work. Minor inconvenience. Yesterday was nice. I love walking in the snow and hear the cruching of the snow as I walk. Also the snow covers all the ugliness in winter.

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20cm of snow in a large city that sees snow once or twice a year is a big deal. This is not Hokkaido, it's not Niigata, it's Tokyo. Tokyo doesn't have the same infrastructure in place, a lot of places don't have large equipment for moving snow, most people don't have snow tyres. There is generally no need for these things, so if we get a decent dump it is of course chaos.

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Just got back home after being stuck in Narita overnight. A word of warning that maybe some of you know already - don't fly Jetstar on a tour package (wasn't my idea). They have no extra planes planes so if your flight gets delayed for an overly long amount of time by a storm like yesterday's, you will have the entire package cancelled. That happened to several groups of people and JTB was totally useless in this situation, too. Both are lucky they are in Japan and can get away with a few deep bows, etc. In America, they would be tied to a stake and roasted. I am still fuming.

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