Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to virus


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It's Tokyo Social-Distancing-Land!

So much fun! I'll completely pay full price for less than half the experience :)

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Tokyo reports 67 COVID-19 cases;

highest since state of emergency lifted

So, this makes sense to anyone? That Disney re-opens now? Anyone?

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just stay home and watch Disney Plus.

tIg you think 67 cases in Tokyo is a lot, wait for a couple weeks to see numbers soar again

this makes no sense at all

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Not tIg, but if.

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Yay great!!! I'm on my sofa watching TV and waiting when Tokyo Disneyland will bankrupt due to the lack of buisness.

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And meanwhile, in the US, Disney world scrapped its plans to reopen in July. And for anyone who says it because of the hot and humid weather in Florida, how do you explain what’s been happening in Tokyo summers as of late?

Maybe it’s the fear of lawsuits that shut down Disney World in Florida, but still, and some people so eloquently put it, cases will most likely surge because the reopening. I mean I generally support this, but still, you have to be honest and truthful regarding the whole reality.

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why do THEY ALL do the peace sign when taking pictures? Can you imagine how many other things cultural and mentally THEY ALL do? God forbid one of the ants dislike you or you don't fit in and stand out.

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Could've just kept them closed for all I care.

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Now this is really un-essential to life needs. Yep I beleve this park is going to be a haven and breeding grounds for COVID-19 to spread like wild fire.

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