Tokyo Disney parks to reopen from July 1

By Naohiro KIMURA

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First wave still floating.

Second wave counting the days, the winter.

And decison like this is the right time of the beginning of the disaster.

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Enforce rigorous social distancing at 'the happiest place on Earth'!

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If they really want to amp up the tension in the haunted mansion, just get one of the ghosts to start coughing when visitors enter.

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I wonder if Mickey and Minnie are going to be wearing masks

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Good, stop being afraid of the weak virus with a fatality rate of less than 0.3%

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57 today...not sure if opening right now is a good idea

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Bills got to be paid or Japan Inc. will be bankrupt.

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What could possibly go wrong?

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thrill-seekers will be asked to "refrain from vocalising loudly" on rollercoasters and other rides.

This made me laugh.

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Terrible news.

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As a fully grown-up adult, the last thing on my mind is going to a children's theme park.

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@El Rata If I may, also super ugly, but as @Strangerland well pointed some (if not all) children do seem to enjoy it.

Grownups are equally mental tho, they pay to watch football matches, MMA or holywood movies .

It is fine and OK to have these choices, corona or not.

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As a fully grown-up adult, the last thing on my mind is going to a children's theme park.

As a fully grown up adult, I still like Disneyland, but you've got to be mental to want to go during a pandemic, especially now when the numbers are rising again.

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Winny's eyes look super creepy in that picture

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Troubling. Very Troubling.

Perhaps Disney will implement online booking only with restricted admittance ? And marshaling of those who obtain tickets, to go in sequence from Ride A to Ride B, etc without wait.... now that may be a great idea, though the restaurant services may take a hit, unless a break time was introduced, and that too would need Social distancing.

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