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Tokyo experiences coldest day in 48 years


Tokyo experienced its coldest day in 48 years on Thursday when the temperature fell to minus 4 degrees in the morning.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the mercury dropped to minus 4 degrees in central Tokyo at 6:20 a.m., Fuji TV reported. The last time the temperature was minus 4 was on Jan 17, 1970, according to the agency.

The cold temperatures this week, as well as Monday’s rare snowfall in Tokyo, are being caused by a low atmospheric pressure system that has been moving north over the Japanese archipelago, the meteorological agency said.

Temperatures are expected to stay low across much of Japan until the weekend, with heavy snow forecast for the Sea of Japan coast, the agency said, adding that Hokkaido and the Hokuriku areas can expect up to 80 cms of snow by Saturday.

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Minus 4 is nuthin' got Russian friends that laugh at minus 4 , its like a lovely spring day for them when they regularly see temps of minus 20~30.

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Poor insulation of the elaborate sheds they call homes in Japan is part of the problem.

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Just an old Aircon here, been considering bubble-wrap for Windows but they are frosted so would mean even less light incoming.

Happy with 18C worked in those temps most of my career and I don't use aircon during summer.

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Although -4 C may not be that cold, the people in Tokyo are not used to it, particularly drivers. Many back roads are slick with ice, can't even walk, let alone drive across, yet the BMW, Benz and Land Rover drivers think the expensive brand logo will give them super powers to speed on through.

All-wheel drive doesn't mean all-wheel stop, heheheh

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Zichi-san, Good to see you back online again. I was beginning to worry...Enjoy your insightfulness. :-

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the article above is about tokyo.... so not sure whats nanadakamanda is about... alaska is cold too but that is pretty normal isnt it

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Did a combini run at midnight(-5) and it felt warmish, temps feel the coldest just before/after sunrise.

Luckily no wind so realfeel is actual temp. If this keeps up I might consider looking for my thin gloves which I haven't worn in over a decade.

Watch out will be many ice-patches out there(black ice).

Recall one morning biking(CB750C) to work in SA one long nice curve, cruising at 80km/h and hit black ice drifted into next lane and laid the bike down onto an foot ankle. Still rode her home.

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@Trevor - I know what you are saying. The houses in Japan have terrible insulation. I remember when I lived in a house I would put my hand next to a wall switch or receptacle (consent) and I could feel the cold air (draft) blowing into the room. We now live in a Tower mansion in Tokyo and have not turned on the heat all winter, even during this cold snap. The building is better insulated than the house but we get radiated heat from the common area radiating into through the interior walls. Also on a high floor so get the benefit if heat rising.

@letsberealistic - "Thanks Trump?" - Did he cause global warming? I think Trump is unfit for office but it ridiculous and illogical statements like that do not help matters. Trump did not cause global warming and not even close. Yes he has a carbon footprint equal to Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio but he is not responsible for causing climate change/global warming or whatever one wishes to call it.

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global warming?

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It is amusing to read what has been said by commenters on this story. And I don't mean that in any demeaning way, but -4C is not cold. I came home on January 4th, from a two-week holiday in Mexico, years ago, and the water supply pipe to my house had frozen, but only a little bit, and I was able to warm it with a propane torch (don't try this if you don't have experience with cold pipes or a torch!). The oil in my tank had also run out because I left the furnace thermostat at 16C, knowing we were leaving a deep-freeze behind us (-10-20C) for at least the time we were gone. It was a brick house, but uninsulated, and the windows were single-pane. That summer, I tore down all the interior walls and insulated them, as well as the floor over the 1-meter deep crawlspace, and had new double-pane windows installed. I can relate to the picture above this story, not only in my own experience as a homeowner, but also as a frequent traveler around Japan, where most of the hotels (Japanese-style and business-type) have single-pane windows that fog up with condensation even when it's only 10C outside at night. And no, I'm not a heavy breather. You'd think, in Japan, the world's third-largest economy, with all those economically-minded people, would know about insulation of the most basic kind. Blows my mind, every time.

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It's minus 5 right now, on Friday, as I type. So I guess right now is the coldest in half a century.

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Shrapnel: Climate change, formerly known as global warming.

LOL. #brainfail.

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The hottest I have ever been in winter was up in Rumoi in Hokkaido. The snow lay thick and deep and a whistling wind lashed freezing spray off the thunderous ocean. The house was half protected by high slanted wooden fencing, and inside they had a massive stove creating a real sweat lodge. Now this is how to stay alive in a cruel environment, I thought.

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It may be -4 but it certainly isn’t the coldest day I’ve felt here by any stretch. When you add in winter wind or rain, that is when the weather can really start to bite.

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Minus 4 is nuthin'

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Minus 4c is colder than usual but for the many no problem, so the media and those with a roof over their head and heating should get a grip, it isn't Armageddon, and the reaction is rather pathetic and childish.

What we should be concerned about are the homeless, the poor and the elderly who are at extreme risk of hypothermia. They may also be scared to go out through fear of falling and may need help with shopping. Look out for your neighbours and those less fortunate than yourselves. Also, start questioning the local authorities as to why they aren't gritting icy surfaces properly.

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It's only -4'C... the TV this morning had Commentators rushing around looking at ice and doing the usual Japanese "oooo" and "ahhhh" and "ehhhh".... The people in Hokkaido must have been watching this and saying "WTF" to themselves....

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Car windscreen squirters frozen solid too. put an old blanket across your windscreen, stops the glass frosting up. and unless youve have a foot of snow is easy to remove along with the snow.

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Climate change, formerly known as global warming.

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Mornings are definitely chilly now, daytime highs are comfy.

Can't complain about the insulation in this old ap, Aircon set to 22C and room is 18-19C(one wall is floor to ceiling glass on terrace side) right now.

Looks like snow is forecast for next week just a slight dusting.

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Alex, this house is made of earth, bamboo, wood and paper. Not anywhere mear Tokyo. No insulation at all, so the single kerosene stove can glow away happily. It rarely gets over 10 degrees in our one heated room, but I reckon that's close enough to being warm.

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must be living in real old place, there are specific guidelines today on insulation minimal width in tokyo... I think enacted fairly recent ( 10-20 years or so )

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Alex - I ive in Tokyo and our room was also 2.5 degrees this morning. Our insulation is lousy.

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do people here live in tokyo? nandakamanda, you seem to be living in non insulated place or outdoors in a tent? I recommend moving... my huge place with no heating was around 18 celsius at night ( sensor just next to huge window / door ) ...

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Did you feel colder than any other day before reading this in news ?

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No hot water for the bath last night and none this morning. Car windscreen squirters frozen solid too.

Took a shot of the thermometer @ 2.5 degrees in my bedroom this morning. I feel for all the Syrian refugees who are far worse off in their tents in similar weather out there.

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Great! I hope it will be this cold every winter in Tokyo from now on. And more snow, please!

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There was ice on the windows INSIDE the house today despite leaving a heater on overnight !

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If they say so, but I certainly have memories of days in the last 10 years just as cold as today.

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Being a high school teacher, the administrators are being so CHEAP that they won't turn AC up any higher than 24 degrees C. It's cold!

Unless your school building has exceptionally good insulation, which is unlikely, you're not going to get your room higher than 24 degrees in weather like this regardless of how high you set the thermostat. Even if you could, your students are likely to be dressed for the cold with thermal underwear (I certainly am) so it's going to be too hot for them.

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I didn't think it was that cold this morning, I mean I still wore my coat but the sun was out and I was able to walk outside without need of hat and gloves. Didn't seem any worse than any other day this week.

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BTW, some of my coworkers are saying that it might snow again either this weekend or early next week..

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I thought it was actually pretty warm outside at 8 or so..

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Where I am the snow is almost gone but there are patches of ice at the side of roads...as I found today. Slipped and reached out, only to catch my little finger on the wall. Lucky it didn't dislocate, but its bruised and hurts like hell.

More snow to come if this cold spell keeps up.

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Took my daily 10km walk today, was fun watching others. Still saw many trying to cycle on Ice today.

Laying down salt is forbidden in my home-country, hurts the paws of dogs/animals.

Gravel is also no longer used as it builds up on side of the road, dangerous to bicycles.

We now laydown sawdust, rots naturally and thus no cleanup needed.

Tomorrow should be better but still same cold for a few more days.

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Being a high school teacher, the administrators are being so CHEAP that they won't turn AC up any higher than 24 degrees C. It's cold!

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Icing down Salting down. woops.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

Always have to make everything about Trump.. yeesh.

Keep safe people, Tokyo has no idea how to handle the ice, most people are not putting salt on the roads and walkways, absolutely treacherous, extremely slippery, slick ice everywhere. I've been salting down the roads I walk along today after hitting a patch of black ice on the way to the office - not good.

Be careful near parks, the city is not icing down paths and roads around the parks and the ice is the worst under the shade of the trees. Have seen a number of people tumble in these areas today alone.

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