Koike named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People


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hopefully the next PM. I do not really care about background or affiliation, just someone to snap all the crusty worthless half-dead ojisan's into shape would be nice..

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That she is making the oyajis shake in their boots is great. All the deadwood gone when she's PM it would be a question if there would be anything left but a new positive accountable beginning for the country?

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I like what she has been doing so far. She seems to be the only one who can realistically put an end to the LDP domination.

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"She seems to be the only one who can realistically put an end to the LDP domination."

Actually she was LDP, and kind of still is. They asked her not to run for Mayor and she ignored LDP requests, so LDP put up a puppet condidate to try and syphon votes to make her lose, and she crushed everyone. So the LDP put their tails between their legs and made nice with her.

If she goes for PM it would probably be as an LDP member similar to Koizumi, they would reluctantly support her

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why?what is it that she accomplished?

tsukiji market is an absolute failure costing tokyo millions ( maybe not her direct fault but under her watch) any other actual accomplishments there?

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She is called "nagatacho no megitsune" - a female fox in Nagata-cho. An ambitious, cunning and astute politician.

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Congratulations! This is just what I'd expect from Yuriko Koike. I hear she's got a lot of nerve for a woman. And yes, hopefully she'll be the Japanese prime minister before very long.

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hmmm...she will turn all Japan into "anime land." Why not? With all her nationalist and revisionist positions she will be like the others? The future is leaking away for the disaffected insular distracted youth of today! "She made me a moron!" - they should say! When will they give up hope and embrace alienation?

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"In politics and in business, power is often exercised by men, while women must struggle to be heard

And that is the reason why she got among the 100 most influential? I smell pulled-by-the-hair Feminist BS!

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She's come a long way since her Yasser Arafat interview which put her on the world stage. Not content with being a 'bijin ane' (cute announcer), she frequently expressed her own opinion on TV. She was totally out of her depth as Minister of Defence, but did an honourable resignation to take responsibility for an information leak. Since then she has grown from being one of Koizumi's 'female assassins' to being a respected politician. Kudos to her for succeeding in the 'Oyaji' world of Japanese politics.

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