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Tokyo hotel shrinks in new-style urban demolition


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Beautifully simple and elegant solution.

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Great solution and technology that hopefully becomes an export. On the other hand I see analogie between this and the population, and exports and other shrinkage. I'd like to see the dept come down so easily.

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I did not even notice that this was happening! Oh well, I am sure we will get a newer and better hotel right there!

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Japan is generally brilliant with this kind of engineering technology. Very cool.

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you spend "tens of thousands" of yen everyday really, just go grocery shopping.

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Nice. I really like the solution. In future, could use it in Toronto to take down all these useless condos for the recycled materials

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Technological ingenuity! Recycle baby!

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I don't spend tens of thousands of yen every day grocery shopping...

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Mine was a sarcastic remark to the fact the "tens of thousands of yen" is not an outstanding amount of money (and it ain't changed in these years) the writer probably meant to write "tens of thousands of dollars" which would be "millions yen" that sounds far more appropriate. I found the mistake to be kinda funny but I see that nobody got my joke :D

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Interesting. It sounds like they're recapturing not only the materials, which is required by law, but also the potential energy stored when the construction materials were raised above the ground.

It'll be a fraction of the energy that went into the construction, and an even smaller fraction of the energy that went into producing and transporting the materials. I'd love to see an energy breakdown.

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