Tokyo hotel prepares to accept virus patients with mild symptoms


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I hope there are more places like these because they could run out space quickly...

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Lots of empty hotels in Tokyo.

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They won't even think of burdening the luxury hotels. No matter how bad it gets, you'll never see the Four Seasons and their likes doing this.

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They would be better self isolating at home and reducing the burden on society. Bringing the diseased together could merely produce a hot spot of infection if not very carefully managed, and in a non medical environment that is going to be a challenge.

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@englisc aspyrgend

I think it is better to have them under government observation than to have them self isolate at home, it is really easy for people undergoing self isolation to easily give in to a moment of weakness and decide to break isolation protocols.

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They feature the army in the photo to induce a certain ‘gravity’ into the situation?

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Room occupancy at an all time low, an opportunity for hotels to get a big bite off Abe's massive relief package, they must be salivating at the cash dangled infront of them by dear leader.

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Hotel staff please take care of yourself. My sincere feeling doing the same service duty job.

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Smart move

patients with mild symptoms or potential getting pneumonia should be given Avigan

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Avigan is not proven to help with the virus.

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This is a pro-active measure to enhance control of potentially infected people and release pressure on hospitals to keep on-going treatments and additional COVID19 ones.

A good move to be praised and thumbs up to the hotels playing the solidarity role.

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Expat, “If they have no symptoms, then they haven't been tested unless maybe they're friends of Abe's..So how are these asymptomatic cases able to truthfully state they have been infected?”

Many asymptomatic people or those with mild symptoms have undergone testing and been found positive. For instance, household members, co-workers or others who’ve been in close contact with confirmed positive cases.

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Japanese gov't had many facilities constructed for Olympics why aren't they being converted to clinics and shelters?

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Children are carriers, they do not become seriously ill. Nevertheless, until day cares are shut down and parents stop dropping off and picking up children any disease will be spread. Parents have let their children use stores and supermarkets for years as playgrounds and now is the time to have it stopped, running around coughing, sneezing, touching. I am in a large complex with a daycare and a large playground in the middle. I see the kids playing hugging each other and holding their faces close together, parental control does not exist

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