Tokyo lifts all restrictions on businesses, including live music venues, nightclubs


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It was never in their power to make restrictions in the first place.

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At least the government know that public's shaming ND bully tactics work. And you wonder why there is such a gang up bully problem in their schools.

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Whatever bullying problems it might cause in schools, it works pretty well in controlling the spread of viral diseases.

Opening up the live houses - sounds like trouble.

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May the odds and your immune system be in your favor.

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It was all overblown anyways, as the data now show us.

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Great. Will gyms finally stop requiring masks??? Take down the plastic shower curtains (gross)? Can't wait.

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Fantastic. Move on people

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What splendid idea. It's amazing that Japan is basically how Trump wants to run America, esp. with regards to Covid 19.

"Behold! The virus has disappeared!"

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@Bernard Marx

It was all overblown anyways, as the data now show us.


Data on Covid 19 in Japan is sparse, due to a lack of testing and "Total Excess Deaths" stats, meaning no clear conclusions can be made regarding the current state.

Please refrain from inaccurate opinions.

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Brace yourselves for impact...

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Good move, open the economy. People need to work, who cares about a few people getting sick. The mortality rate is nearly 0.

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Get things up and running more taxes anyone....

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As a Contractor.. if I'm sick, essentially I don't get paid.

Many SME's, these days, appear to be are hiring almost their entire workforce as Contractors/Haken - which is a disgrace - furthermore, in my experience, they force you to only record the set contractual hours in order to avoid paying any more - yet demand that you work the same hours if not longer than a fixed / permanent employee... but without the benefits (so the Labour Ministry doesnt get informed of your excessive overtime).

Anyone in my situation, will probably be thinking as I am, should I risk it, and go to the Office or simply continue working from home ?

Personally, I will try to stick it out as long as possible for working from home, until there is absolutely no chance of me catching this virus upon the packed trains. So I'm thinking give it a month - since that's the apparent incubation period, and then see how things go. And, if push comes to shove, then its time to move on.

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Staying home until a vaccine is found isn't feasible or realistic, so people need to be more careful and cleaner moving forward.I think that is one reason why Japan hasn't suffered like many other countries.

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People! Stupid autocorrect!

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Annoyingly, now, in Gyms we are supposed to wear Face-Masks... this is a sort of more dangerous than the virus itself - as if like me, you "work-out", then the face mask will be more than likely sucked in (or parts of it) to your throat, and cause blockage. Best case, with light exercise, the mask will become so laden with perspiration - it will be functionally useless.... so the mask rule for Gyms in my view is a waste of time. Sure, keep the gym's well ventilated ... which has always been a major gripe towards the ones I have been frequenting locally, and keep cleaning surfaces of your gym equipment before/after usage, but the masks .. that's stupid, and dangerous.

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Bad move.

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Why are there no spectators for baseball but clubs and restaurants can be fully open?

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Bernard MarxJune 19  04:53 pm JST

It was all overblown anyways, as the data now show us.

Actually, the data shows nothing because very little testing was done.

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Why are there no spectators for baseball but clubs and restaurants can be fully open?

What? Say it ain't so! Perfect Japanese logic!

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Any look at the data shows cases in Tokyo on the up...

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