Tokyo logs 331 coronavirus cases; Okinawa reports record 159


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Good news! Trending down! I am surprised people can be out and about traveling in this heat. I went to a local park today and was exhausted in the heat.

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Well the explosion in numbers that many people here have been predicting hasn't happened yet although Abe travel didn't help. The numbers are here to stay but just take care of yourself and practice common sense and you should be OK. Life and business must go on.

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Finally trending down! Good job government with our leader Shinzo Abe!

Do we still have to wear the masks? because it's a little bit bothersome to use this one-time mask for 4 months now.

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There’s a lot of holidays recently so count on the numbers to keep going up once testing centers open back up

If Abe had his way, there will be zero restrictions, everyone are still being encouraged by the national gov. to go back to see their elderly parents., attend mass gatherings, and take no precautions whatsoever. Local governments are the only ones doing with what little power they have to mitigate the spread.

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Good news! Trending down!

Its the weekend, the numbers are always a bit lower on the weekend due to reporting lag. This is not a trend.

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What percentage of people tested where in their 20's and 30's?

How many deaths?

How many deaths due to influenza?

The doom never happened. The doomsayers keep moving the goal posts and become more and more irrelevant with each passing day. Businesses keep collapsing due to the hysteria...

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Comparing with previous day is meaningless, when will journalist ever learn?

Something more useful is to compare with the same day last week. On August 2nd, they were only 292 new cases, 239 on July 26th. So the trend is going up, the exact opposite of what the article is suggesting.

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Pretty much everyone I know except my family is traveling all over Japan . People rationalize to get that GOTO money saying things like I will wear a mask and even if infected symptoms will be light. Mr. Abe has single-handedly with GOTO ensured that the virus is in every nabe pot in Japan.

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Why is Japan not taking steps to find the ANTIDOTE first ???.

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Well the explosion in numbers that many people here have been predicting hasn't happened

Surprised you still cannot figure out why it has not happened. Let me tell you the number of infections are regulated by controlling the number of test. When Tokyo carries out half (40,000) the number of test New York is performing a day then we can talk. What they are doing now is smokes and mirrors.

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Larr flint I am sorry that 9 people do not understand sarcasm. I think the ‘Abenomask’ is great. all I do is drop my chin, then I can eat whilst wearing it. I also like this shinbun ssdd

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Okinawa had this jump in cases (159 today, with a previous one day high of 100) due to a blanket test of 2000 "nightlife" workers in Naha. From that group, 86 tested positive and were all added to today's total.

Though, with a 4 or 5% rate of infection in hosts/hostesses there, it meant that about one out of every 20 customers was being exposed every night, assuming only one customer interaction per worker each evening (though one could imagine more....)

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Very well sounds like this Virus is no threat at all. What all the hype about?

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Finally trending down! Good job government with our leader Shinzo Abe!

Ganbare Abe, eh?

What exactly has he done?

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Why is Japan not taking steps to find the ANTIDOTE first ???.

Because nobody has been poisoned.

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So with 0.001% of the population infected in spite of going to a wedding yesterday, j league today, visitiing relatives for next 2 days and then travelling for 3 days before wrapping up obon with a group bbq, I have have a 99% chance of not catching the virus, to go with a 100% chance of not dying.

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As temps go up the virus has a hard time of it,like we do.

Those air con trains, banks, and offices where its shell hardens up means that it is around longer to infect people.

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Anyone here had it yet ? (And lived to tell the tale ?)

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"The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 331 coronavirus infections on Sunday, down from 429 the previous day."

Just before some people celebrate, remember that most hospitals and pretty much ALL clinics are closed on Sundays, and that would also mean that testing is very likely down. Add to that it is Bon and many people chose this morning to make their trips, if not staying home, and so less people that might otherwise wonder if they should find an open hospital that does testing are less likely to do so.

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Meant to add, what will REALLY be telling is the period 10 to 14 days AFTER the holidays.

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There were a few who did, yes. And probably many more who might have had it but wasn't able to get tested.

If you ask early in a thread you might get responses from those who did

Anyway, on topic, I'm just waiting for the counts maybe a week or two after the holiday break is over.

Can't really make much with the counts during normal days and much less during times like this

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There you have it, yesterday around 25,000 tests were performed, and today about 15,000. Cases aren't going down, tests are. As long as we don't report the ratio of positive people compared to the number of tests that were performed, just dropping numbers for the sake of dropping numbers is pointless.

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Please also post the number of people who were screened for testing if you have it.

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50YearOldNoviceGymManToday  09:55 pm JST

Anyone here had it yet ? (And lived to tell the tale ?)

My nephew had a 10 day stay in a hotel after testing positive although he had no symptoms. He was unbelievably bored for ten days and thats it. No fever, etc .

Now, he is back at work, and fine.

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Finally trending down!

7-day average daily confirmed cases:

July 18: 477

July 25: 701

August 1: 1156

August 8: 1364

Notice a pattern?

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This is the long weekend the numbers will remain a little low, however, you watch after obon they are going to spike because people and kids are out at the waterparks and they are not wearing masks. What do think the water is going to stop it from entering their bodies? The numbers are still in triple digits, there is nothing to celebrate and if people do not stop going out and mingling in the parks it is going to get worse before better.

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