Tokyo Medical Univ discriminated against female applicants: sources


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Are you kidding me?!?!

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Disgusting. Utterly and totally disgusting practice. I hope they get sued to hell.

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Another example of shady backdoor deals going on in J-INC with J-logic. It is probably based on some stereotypical bias from the oyajis (good ole boys club) who like to suck their teeth at people. A lot of times there is no explanation because they really dont know why themselves. They just can't imagine it, so it shouldn't happen.

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how can they play with students' future. how many girls have seen their dream of becoming a doctor boken!!! I wonder if there were suicides because of this.

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Waseda University is looking for a medical college to incorporate into rather than establishing anew. Waseda is a prestigious private university in rival with Keio University. Keio has a good medical college while Waseda does not. I wish Waseda will incorporate Tokyo Medical College into them on this occasion also Tokyo Women's Medical College too. They are locationally all close each other.

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Whoever did this, sanctioned this and condoned this are utter scum and have no place in education, or any other responsible position in society. This must be illegal - the Department of Education should be insisting heads roll at the university.

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The medical college believed female doctors often resign or take long leave after getting married or giving birth, leading to the shortfall

This is suppose to be a place of higher learning... idiots!

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This is Treason against the people if true.

They should be dealt with very severely if so. I cannot fathom this kind of behavior.

Our only strength is our people and their intelligence and ability. Why on earth would you sabotage a ladies test?

Only very qualified or rich go to Tokyo U in general.

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This is outrageous on so many levels it’s almost pointless to list them.

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Can someone please explain to me why this isn't the TOP STORY on this site?? This is utterly scandalous and, if true, is a new Japanese low....

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This is outrageous on so many levels it’s almost pointless to list them.

Yeah, it's a disgrace but it's no surprise, is it. Hopefully there'll be public outrage and the TMU will get sued from here to Christmas by students cheated out of a place at the university.

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I'm a neurosurgeon and contemplated going to medical school in Japan while I was working there as a CIR for the JET Program. This news disappoints me greatly but I'm also not surprised. I'm also a mother but work full-time and love being a surgeon, mother, and wife!

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Yeah, like this is any different than altering test scores of minorities to make them qualify in the US

I don't hear a single argument in this thread that isn't based on your feelings.

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and after asking the female staff to get them tea they looked over the applications.....

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I don't hear a single argument in this thread that isn't based on your feelings.

Yup, we all feel mad about this and are making our feelings known. Why is that bad?

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