Tokyo Olympic-linked COVID-19 cases top 150 since start of July


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Tokyo number today is at 3000 - more than double from last week and highest ever

Okinawa number is 354 again highest ever

This is not going to end well

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Today's number of 3,000 can't be right - the number tested is from Sunday and was 3,060. so 100% rate?

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Tokyo had 2,500 new reported cases today!

But he is right about Okinawa, 354, the highest recorded number ever so far, and over double the number from one week ago Tuesday!

I was surprised at first when Suga extended the state of emergency for Okinawa, now I wonder what looking glass or information he had, and has not been sharing with the people here!

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150 and counting, and more than a month to go until it's over!

Bach should be fired for lying to the people of Japan!

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No worries. Bach and Suga are still talking about allowing spectators and have every right to do so.

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(sings) "safe and secure, safe and secure, safe and secure"

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But Suga and Koike in their meeting decided that Olympics is going "very smoothly" - not just smoothly but "VERY smoothly"

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2.848, that's the number given by the government!

Soon to exceed 3.000?

How much more is needed? When is it enough??

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Enough for what @klausdorf?

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On other real news sites Bach, Suga, and Koike have been quoted talking about how things are going so well that they are considering honoring ticket holders for events up to 50% capacity. Dang...these are sharp leaders.

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Of the seven, five were from overseas, they said, adding 37,579 people from foreign countries had entered Japan for the games as of Sunday.

The number of COVID-19 infections, compiled by the organizers since July 1, excludes those announced by central and local governments.

On Tuesday, the Tokyo metropolitan police separately said three more officers who worked security at Olympic venues before the games officially started on Friday tested positive for COVID-19.

So what do we take away from the way these snippets frame it? First, the risk is from Johnny Foreigner, not vice versa. (Of course in reality, it comes from massive movement of all the people involved in and servicing the games, local and inbound.) Second, we don't get to see the actual total, as anything that happened at a training camp location, or outside the village, doesn't seem to count. That's the weirdest bubble I ever saw. How many teams are now staying in hotels outside the bubble all over the Tokyo area?

Then maybe it is to keep infections taking place outside the bubble, or conversely infections inside the bubble off the national figures? Or maybe it's to hive off some of the infections onto local governments and massage Tokyo's image by shaving some cases off the Tokyo count? Or is it simply to fudge it so much that it is difficult to accurately measure the impact of the Covid Games on the Japan case spread? Finally, security is obviously, just OBVIOUSLY, not directly related to organising the Olympic Games. The organisers can claim "Infected police you say? Hey, we hardly knew them!"

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Olympics must be stop immediately.

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One must wonder how many goes unreported…for the greater good of Sport??? (exhaling)

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