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Tokyo-Osaka bullet train services may be suspended due to heavy rain


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We have flood and landslide alerts in Hyogo.

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We have flood and landslide alerts in Hyogo.

Not great. Be safe!

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Having travelled on the Shinkansen recently on my first trip to Japan, I can well imagine the difficulty slowing or stopping the train on wet rails, there be a slide!

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Thanks for the expert analysis, Tony.

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Hanging a carrier bag from the handlebars is a no-no, but fair play to the cyclist for being dressed properly and not holding an umbrella. That would be very dangerous in driving rain like today.

The last six weeks have been very dry on the Japan Sea side and in northern Honshu. We've had as much rain today as we've had in the last month. Here's a weather map.


It maxxed out here at (just) 15mm an hour, but I had to drive through it and there were huge puddles and oncoming cars and trucks at or very close to the center line. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

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Were the services suspended?

Some ‘real news’ please…

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