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Tokyo Paralympic-linked COVID-19 cases reach nearly 300 in 3 weeks


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Of the 297, those tested positive for COVID-19 were mostly contractors. As for the daily count, the committee said no athletes tested positive for the fourth straight day, and nine of the 10 were contractors.

So unvaccinated locals not vaccinated athletes then

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sf2kToday  06:39 am JST

So unvaccinated locals not vaccinated athletes then

Don't understand your comment. Read the article three time. There is no mention of "unvaccinated" or "vaccinated". Where does you assumption come from?

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Of the 297, those tested positive for COVID-19 were mostly contractors.

There is no assumption in thinking they are locals. It is a fact. Same as during the Olympics. Contagion mostly came from Japan, as those very very few positive entering the country were isolated and everyone inside the village was and is tested daily. More tests inside the Olympics and Paralympics than in the whole Japan on some days.

As for vaccinated, I would imagine that is an educated guess based on the scientific facts that despite the unsubstantiated rumors, everywhere vaccinated and non vaccinated people go around in the same country, contagions are proportionally much higher among non vaccinated (proportionally is the key word because if 80 million people are vaccinated and 30 people are not, obviously numbers will be higher for vaccinated anyway). As for hospitalization, cases are everywhere much higher among non vaccinated even not taking into account the proportion of persons having being vaccinated or not, so even in absolute numbers.

So @sf2k assumptions are far from bizarre.

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These 300 surely have infected thousands more along the way…it’s just alarming that we have been living with COVID-19 for more than a year now and people still don’t know how it works! It’s not as simple as only counting the infected as many more are infected from 1 person and many go undetected or are asymptotic! So these numbers don’t mean anything directly as the actual number of infected are way more than reported!

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All the olympic garbage ends today!


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This is just acceptable collateral damage to this government. I’m sure they ‘budgeted’ for more than 300, so job well done.

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But…but…but…we were constantly reminded that these would be “the safest Games ever!!!”

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Usual ludicrous Olympic bashing comments. The Olympics were a success, not a super spreader of a new variant predicted by some of the commentators above.

The games brought happiness and inspired the world, the safety measures worked as promised even with the difficult circumstances.

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Foreigner In Tokyo

Rational comments, well expressed. Nice to see people making sense.

Yes, it’s all about ‘I’ for some commenters here. Very egocentric.

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No worries. Suga is working hard at it during the next two weeks before he leaves.

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If people are selfish and wish to see local businesses die then that says a lot about them. Same as the ones who wanted to stop the Olympics and didn’t care about the millions of viewers and thousands of athletes who trained so hard.

It went well and the disaster didn’t occur yet some still complain.

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others cite a desire to help local businesses. In the end of course, it's all about one person: themselves.

Businesses: is plural! Thousands upon thousands of people and families are usually influenced by the success of a few small businesses than you are capable of imagining.

Supporting businesses that account for most of the GNP of Japan is a lifeline. If YOU personally do not want to help, then you believe in yourself as the sole "I" in your life and that is totally sad. The masses and needs outway the one "Foreigner"

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I wonder if king Bach of the IOC is informed about these figures because he had promised a safe and secure Olympics. Remember? Maybe he simply does not care as long as he is getting the VIP treatment and counting the money in his blank account. Shameless!

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