Tokyo population tops 13 million for first time


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at least its clean and organized.

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Yeah, it is amazingly clean and orderly for such a big city, isn't it?

Shouldn't increasing population gives a boost to real estate prices in Tokyo (at some point), or are there just unending supplies?

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Yeah! Try cramming 13 million into London and have the goons currently administering it and see what happens...I love Tokyo.

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Got to get used condo prices going up. Hope the population increase will do that.

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Property prices in Tokyo will only rise in specific areas where the average joe cannot really afford to buy in the first instance.

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"Japan, which faces long lifespans"

With all the smoking? Incredible...

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I think the secret to a long life is going to an onsen on a regular basis. I mean it really does the body really good! I also agree with the above posters in that a city with 13 million is incredibly safe and clean (outside looking in of course).

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Looks like this is just the number for Tokyo-To itself, which includes lots of rural areas and mountains in the west. The actual Greater Tokyo population (ie. the continuous urban sprawl) is much higher, around 30 or 35 million I think, but as it is chopped up into different administration areas, it is not counted that way. It would be a more accurate number though.

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