Tokyo reports 116 new coronavirus cases; Osaka has 123


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Sunday reported 116 new cases of the coronavirus, down 99 from Saturday. The number is the result of 4,876 tests conducted on Oct 29.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 31,212.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 34, up one from Saturday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 614. For the first time in many months, Osaka has more cases than Tokyo, reporting 123. Hokkaido had 69, Kanagawa 66, Aichi 48 and Saitama 33.

Four coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

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I wonder what would the numbers be if someone bothered to make a study with a significant sample population.

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I think it is sufficiently significant, therefore you don’t need to doubt it so much. There are also online calculators for that. An example for the size of Tokyo would be near the following: required sample size 4268 This means 4268 or more measurements/surveys are needed to have a confidence level of 95% that the real value is within ±1.5% of the measured/surveyed value. Do you sometimes watch those news surveys on TV, about preference of political parties? They usually ask only about 1500 to 3000 people and it is still a significant sample size, by the way for whole Japanese voters, not only Tokyo.

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How many flu cases? Last year the news was only about how many influenza cases they had each day. It seems that C-19 decimated influenza. What a feat.

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These daily articles remind me of the announcements at stores constantly reminding you to be afraid of a virus. Give it a rest already.

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Youths these days don't care...

And certain Clubs in Ginza do not check that they have underage attendees...

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Tokyo.....116, Osaka....123.

USA 100,000.

Masks work!

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Here’s an interesting one supporting how poorly the numbers from Tokyo present the actual situation wrt/infection.

in this case the sample size is relatively small, but says at least ~47% of Tokyo workers had the bug at some point late-May to late-August.

Basically, Tokyo has been infected, and probably near “herd immunity”.

Ignorance is bliss I guess.

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