Tokyo reports 142 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 505


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Wednesday reported 142 new cases of the coronavirus, down 35 from Tuesday. The number is the result of 1,039 tests conducted on Oct 4.

By age group, the most number of infections were people in their 30s (30), followed by 28 in their 20s.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 26,869.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 24, one down from Tuesday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 505. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (54), Osaka (51), Chiba (44), Saitama (39), Hokkaido (38), Hokkaido (27), Hyogo (16) and Aichi (15).

Five coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

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It would be great if the data was broken down to numbers of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals.

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Tokyo seems to be doing alright but the numbers in Hokkaido seem to have increased recently. Hopefully the outbreak there can be brought under control.

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The 7 day moving avg is around 169 and it is falling. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

-3 ( +5 / -8 )

Great ! the trend is good, only 1039 tests. Going slowly to the zero tests/zero cases and ready for Olympic.

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Great ! the trend is good, only 1039 tests. Going slowly to the zero tests/zero cases and ready for Olympic.

Can't wait! Division by zero is undefined so the mathematicians here can't post the positive rate.

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RecklessToday  04:28 pm JST

We are in a trough. I anticipate cases may rise in December.

You're probably right, most viruses have peaks and troughs.

Japan for whatever reason has largely avoid serious problems so far, so hopefully the next peak too won't be too severe nor require drastic measures.

To be in October (9 months into this) and to still be successfully balancing health and economy certainly makes me optimistic.

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What a repetitive joke as they love to keep numbers lowered in the name of Olympic and who care about these jockeys they are not making my job easier they are cirucus clown entertaining the bored. Nothing productive. Please engineer me the next spaceship please

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Covid-19 data. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Number of hospitalized people reported yesterday: 976.

Number of hospitalized people reported today: 976.

Difference between yesterday and today: 0

Mild-moderate and Serious symptoms data. They are already included in the total number of people hospitalized.

The same data as yesterday. No variation.

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Is there anywhere, that we can see where exactly within Tokyo, these infections have been recorded ?

There doesn't appear to be any track & trace operation within Japan, so if we at least know whether we May have been exposed then additional precautions could be taken...

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every day over 500 cases in Japan.. who cares only Tokyo..

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1k tests hahaha

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This never ending low artificial number is killing Japanese people.

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