Tokyo reports 146 new coronavirus cases; nationwide 434


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Sunday reported 146 new cases of the coronavirus, down 103 from Saturday. The number is the result of 4,787 tests conducted on Oct 8.

By age group, the most number of infections were people in their 20s (38), followed by 34 in their 30s and 23 in their 40s.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 27,715.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 24, unchanged from Saturday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 434. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (45), Chiba (43), Saitama (31), Hokkaido (31), Aichi (14) ad Okinawa (11).

Two coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

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Tokyo seems to be doing okay but the Hokkaido numbers are a bit of a worry. Still under 6000 active cases in Japan which is a tiny percentage of the population.

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Amazing how that excel formula still

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This is no point in counting new cases.

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I think Anyone of us here in Japan are at a higher risk of getting the virus if you have young children as schools are open and they can bring it home unknowingly. PCR testing should be mandatory every Friday of every week to help shutdown schools during the pandemic. Singles with out children who live alone have a lower risk as long as they are not commuting on Jammed packed crowded trains and going out to lunch at a family restaurant daily.

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Where are the Free PCR drive thru?

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Covid-19 data. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Number of hospitalized people reported yesterday: 1008.

Number of hospitalized people reported today: 1085.

Difference between yesterday and today: +77

Mild-moderate and Serious symptoms data. They are already included in the total number of people hospitalized. It should also be remembered that data on severe symptoms are already reflected in the Japan Today article. And there is no need to mention them again in the comments.

This increase in hospital admissions. It may be due to delays in data collection. It is still too early to determine. Whether there is an actual increase in infection. The data from the following days will be crucial.

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Thanks for updating the stats daily.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this virus is never going away. We just have to embrace it. Hopefully this virus is nothing but a silly cold like Trump is saying.

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