Tokyo reports 166 new coronavirus cases


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Tuesday reported 166 new cases of the coronavirus, up 88 from Monday. The number is the result of 2,456 tests conducted on Oct 10.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 27,959.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 27, up two from Monday, health officials said.

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Numbers staying low. These consistently low numbers seem to be a disappointment to many posters on this site.

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Japan is doing stellar compared to the US.

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@ Akula

Numbers staying low. 

Testing numbers staying low.

Fixed it for you.

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2500 tests is ridiculous for Japan's population.... are they contact tracing and understanding where new infections are coming from or have we given up because it's all too hard?

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There soon will be more suicides than covid tests in Japan.

Hopefully, it is a very good goal to have no need for any tests done after eradication of the disease

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Covid-19 data. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Number of hospitalized people reported yesterday: 1116.

Number of hospitalized people reported today: 1083.

Difference between yesterday and today: -33

Mild-moderate and Serious symptoms data. They are already included in the total number of people hospitalized. It should also be remembered that data on severe symptoms are already reflected in the Japan Today article. And there is no need to mention them again in the comments.

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This daily fill-in-the-blank article is not really helpful as the top National News item (unless it spikes to like a 1000 per day). Maybe JT should just have a link to these daily updates instead of an article?

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Haha, so random.

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@bearandrodent: There is a link in the article :)

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