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Tokyo reports 168 new coronavirus cases Monday


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Monday reported 168 new cases of coronavirus, down 20 from 188 on Sunday. It was the second straight day the total has been below 200.

The latest figure brings the total number of reported infections in Tokyo to 9,579, health authorities said.

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said last week the rise in numbers reflects an increase in tests being conducted in the capital, currently more than 4,000 per day.

The nationwide death toll is now 1,001, including 13 passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

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We should be careful looking at these numbers on a daily basis and easily say “under 200 for two days”, or compare (both up and down) compared to the previous day(s). If you wanna look at the numbers, you have to look at the trend, which is going up and other factors.

There have been so many intense posts on these articles for months now, it seems like there are two camps: there is no problem and there is a huge problem. It would be great for people to come together during these times, and not to get divided…

Of course we can argue about the severity of COVID-19 in Japan, but we at least cannot say there is no problem. We have to look at the (although relatively limited) data the government is giving us: one of the main numbers which may indicate an increased spread of the virus is not only the amount of tests and positives, but mainly the positive rate.

Briefly summarised: since June, in Tokyo, the number of tests increased about 3x (1000-3000, 7-day average), however the amount of positives grew 9x (20 - 200, 7-day average (increasing fast above 200 actually now)), which is due to a significant increase in positive rates (6%, and going up). This 3x (and rising) positive test rate is very alarming, and suggests a new exponential wave which is now just beginning.

So for everyone saying the number of hospitalized people is low, and therefore there is no problem: 1) there will be problem if this continues, so we have to work together and inform each other of the facts (we are not fighting a political campaign are we?) and 2) additionally, (as a side note for where we have been until now) we do not know the number of people who died of COVID-19 in Japan, because of the low testing at the time of the first wave (with 20-30% positive rates) and lack of postmortem autopsy. (Including the unknown numbers of total death per month compared to previous years, simply due to unknown factors such as decrease in other deaths, including traffic and suicide).

Also, even if the death rate and severely sick people is significantly low (which I obviously hope is the case), the data really does suggest (as explained above) that we are seeing a very alarming increase of both numbers and more importantly positive rates. Stop being ignorant and take control of your own choices and make them wisely before the situation is irreversible.

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Context of Mondays (however as I said above, we should also look at positives rates, not only numbers):

Last 5 Mondays are as follows:

6/22 29 people

6/29 58 people

7/06 102 people

7/13 119 people

7/20 (today) 168 people

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Monday reported 168 new cases of coronavirus, down 20 from 188 on Sunday

of coarse when you test less the previous day...


...you will report less cases the following day. As Trump says, if you test less, numbers will look nice. And if it is all you care about, looking nice on the news, that's the way to go. Abe, Bolsonaro, Trump, what a trio! They should GO TO Travel together, singing songs surrounded by the night club girls that on paper they condemn so much.

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But Monday is not over. Couldn't there be more? Or do they stop looking after 4PM?

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“Young people account for most of new infections but, if you look at the age distribution, it’s becoming clear that the virus isn’t just spreading in the city’s nightlife destinations but in homes and among people sharing meals as well.” -Koike.

I love how she says this in a concerned/surprised tone. As if it wasn't obvious people dining in restaraunts chatting and drinking wasn't going to be a problem.

My opinion:

The all too short voluntary lock down and school closures had a positive effect. But we bailed out of that course of action way too early due to pressure from....?

It is good news to see the death toll is not rising (but I don't have a reliable source for that, just taking the Covid tracking site at its word.). But it is extremely frustrating that the Government continues to take such a tepid response which is only going to prolong the economic and psychological pain.

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As Trump says, if you test less, numbers will look nice. And if it is all you care about, looking nice on the news, that's the way to go. Abe, Bolsonaro, Trump, what a trio! They should GO TO Travel together, singing songs surrounded by the night club girls that on paper they condemn so much

I can't stop laughing.

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The numbers are WAY HIGHER than being reported

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13 July (Monday) was 119.


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And what of all the people the headlines so brazenly reported last week and the week before? No deaths? Hmmm...

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Many doctors are on holiday at the weekend and some hospitals close. Is that why the figures are lower?

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The numbers are WAY HIGHER than being reported

Any proof to back up your claim?

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The numbers are WAY HIGHER than being reported

Any proof to back up your claim?

It is true that it is difficult to say conclusively how many corona there is in Japan, and every country is testing differently. However, there is also no need to compare death tolls in other countries (especially what you are doing, comparing the lowest numbers of Japan with the highest in the USA). This is not a competition. The main point you should think about is that the positive rates of corona in Tokyo is going up fast (not only the numbers and tests) and this indicates that we have to careful. Yes, you are right, Japan is definately not doing as bad as the USA (by far!). But what is your point? Do you not agree that in these times we should be extra carefull? You know the virus is not selective and can spread to the entire nation and the elderly fast right? Don’t you want to prevent that?

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Hurrah the numbers are down again... Masks off.... uh oh the numbers are back up again .. Masks on....

No... sadly, I am not Joking... this actually appears to be the way people in my area react to the daily news. Last week I saw numerous people wandering around my local supermarkets without face coverings, then as the numbers suddenly rose, I saw hardly anyone without a face mask!

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Compared to countries like America, Italy and UK where I also have family we have had less cases and less deaths.

No one is saying that the situation here is like the US or Europe. Don't put words in my mouth please. I'm saying that the numbers are way higher than being reported because nowhere near adequate testing is being done. Test more, more cases come to light. its that simple. 4000 tests a day in the world's largest metropolis will NEVER give accurate results. simple as that.

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But we do know the total monthly deaths, all deaths. If there were big numbers of virus deaths then we would see a spike in those monthly deaths compared with last year. That isn't happening.

doesn't mean there isn't a large number of infections. every country's mortality rate is different.

The striking hospital was just one hospital.

Its not only one hospital. Read the last paragraph.

Two thirds of hospitals in the country are now operating in financial deficit, according to a paper last month by the Japan Hospital Association. As a result, about a third of the nation's medical institutions are cutting summer bonuses, according to the Japan Federation of Medical Worker's Unions.

So its not one hospital. also, Japan logged 26,000 cases, 1000 deaths and around 19,760 recoveries (Give or take) (I got the recoveries number from Wikipedia )

So lets do the math 26,000 cases in total with 1000 deaths. 25,000 not dead. About 19,760 recoveries leads to a grand total of 5,240 active cases nationwide. And 2/3rds of the hospitals are operating in financial debt?? Sorry mate. I don't buy it.

I had an operation at a Kobe hospital in Feb. I returned in June for an examination and spoke with the hospital about their virus patients. They had had 23 patients since the outbreak.

That they know of.

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Yes because many hospitals stopped other procedures and operations during the pandemic. Not about the number of people infected with the virus. Patients stopped visiting hospitals.

Maybe in your neighborhood, but where we live we still have to book in advance. Where we are, the hospitals are full and busy.

When I attended my Kobe hospital in June for an examination there were a few tests I couldn't have because they had stopped them since the outbreak. I had those tests at my local hospital. The hospital was very empty when prior to the outbreak this was a very busy one with hundreds of patients every day.

In my own city there have been no infections and no deaths.

Again, your experience is your experience. it is not indicitive of the whole country.

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Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of countries with much larger recorded outbreaks and yet less deaths than Japan's- many if not most of these countries don't have the health care we provide here. So it just doesn't add up

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What's happening in Tokyo is not indicative of the whole country.

I never said it was. This article is about the Tokyo numbers.

My initial post was talking about Tokyo and its numbers. I said The numbers are WAY HIGHER than being reported. I was talking about Tokyo.

You argue there are more infections than reported but not deaths since total monthly deaths are recorded.

No. What I said was that we don't actually know the total number of corona deaths because unless you are tested and confirmed positive when you are alive, you are not listed as a casualty of the virus even if you die from it due to lack of autopsies.

But let me say something else. Deaths are not an indication of how many people are infected at all.

Case in point: Singapore 48,035 cases 27 deaths.

I actually believe Japan has done very well in dealing with the virus.

I believe the Japanese people and some of the prefectural governors have. In spite of the imbeciles in Kasumigaseki.

I have a brother in Rome with his son a policeman in Milan. Son and grandchildren in London. Brother and sister-in-law in New York. None than been infected but all have suffered from lost of work and lockdowns. I get quite a good global picture just from my family.


Brother in Dubai. Another brother and sister in Vancouver Canada. Cousin in New Hampshire. Another in Portland OR. Another in Cali. Uncle, Aunt and Grandmother in Cairo Egypt. And another Cousin in Bahrain. We are constantly chatting using Zoom. So I get a good idea of what's out there too.

But it has NOTHING to do with my main point: the numbers in Tokyo are way higher than being reported.

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I think there has been too much confusion over the data released and the lack of available testing for those who wanted it.

The government could have done much better but I think the Olympic were connected to that.

Agree with you 100%

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The numbers are WAY HIGHER than being reported

Any proof to back up your claim?



If the numbers were accurate you wouldn't have these problems

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Surly, the death rate of 1,002 would have some indication on the possible number of infections.

We don't know exactly how many people died from the virus because as many posters have said before, there are no autopsies being done to determine if someone died from the virus. Also the CDC has reported that people might die from compromised immunity brought on by the virus, but not necessarily from the virus itself which makes counting the death toll even more difficult.

I don't know a single person who has been infected and we are in touch with more than 100 people from Aomori to Kyushu.

I can name at least 10 off the top of my head who ALL had covid symptoms, and none of them could get tested

I don't deny more tests might reveal more infections. But infections also lead to deaths.

If figures are higher than reported then evidence has to be found to prove it.

Autopsies would have to be performed to prove that people died of the virus.

I have doctor and nurse friends and in their areas they haven't been overwhelmed by the virus.


Again, if the numbers were correct, you wouldn't have the situation above. 25,000 cases nationwide shouldn't be enough to cause all these problems.

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yay! it's all better now, continue life as usual.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

... and the Covid19 deaths remain very low. So I see continued infections as a good thing, to develop immunity. I wouldn't mind slightly higher numbers.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

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