Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 550


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Wednesday reported 177 new cases of the coronavirus, up 11 from Tuesday. The number is the result of 983 tests conducted on Oct 11.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 28,136.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 25, two down from Tuesday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 550. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (88), Osaka (61), Saitama (47), Chiba (31), Hokkaido (20), Okinawa (20), Hyogo (19), Aichi (15) and Fukuoka (13).

Eight coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

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Covid-19 is alive and well in Japan and is being covered up. All in the name of keeping the 2021 Olympics. No mortality rate data and no mass testing.

This government think that as long as younger people are catching it and the hospitals are not full of elderly patients, then just let it spread.

These daily numbers in Tokyo have made no sense since June/ July. Carefully selected numbers as opposed to the true picture.

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I'm loathe to post on this topic because no one is listening to each other anymore as opinions have become set in stone.

However; there is no cover up.

The Japanese Govt. and their advisors have plainly stated in articles here, and in interviews elsewhere.

'The Olympics will take place at any cost'.

'Community spread will be monitored, and no further S.O.E. or lock-down measures will take place.'

'Data was being suppressed (March) to avoid community panic.'

They have been quite open about this in their own odd way.

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spinning, you're quite right. It doesn't make a responsible government right though. And I don't recall them ever admitting to suppressing data. Unless you mean the limited testing, but that's not openly admitting it.

The UK, the US, Europe, have appalling stats on infections and deaths. But at least these are true stats.

'Avoiding community panic' can also translate to 'we have failed to contain the virus, we will not do much about it, so we will cover the stats'. Taiwan contained the virus and told the truth. Japan has done neither. It has an Olympics though..

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'The Olympics will take place at any cost'.

Among the other things you mentioned, the government has no full control over this, so I am surprised they are making such a statement. Of course, they said the same thing until the day before the Olympics was postponed it March. I remember Koike saying this the weekend before it was postponed (I believe it may have been a Wednesday).

All it takes is one major country to announce they are not sending athletes (or even that they will leave the decision up to each athlete) and the house of card the Olympics are will crumble.

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I mean we get it now, testing will always be low, but 177 out of 983.. yikes.

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'Data was being suppressed (March) to avoid community panic.'

I did not know this. Assuming it is true.

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severe symptoms is 25, two down .... Eight coronavirus-related deaths

Sounds like these two might not have walked out.

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Covid-19 data. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Number of hospitalized people reported yesterday: 1083.

Number of hospitalized people reported today: 1008.

Difference between yesterday and today: -75

Mild-moderate and Serious symptoms data. They are already included in the total number of people hospitalized. It should also be remembered that data on severe symptoms are already reflected in the Japan Today article. And there is no need to mention them again in the comments.

The situation remains stable. And we are back to last week's hospitalization levels.

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Do the test numbers include tests done at Narita, Haneda and other ports?

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The 8 "corona-related" deaths didn't happen to folks in their 80's and 90's with one foot already in grave, right?

My 85-year-old neighbor passed away last month after fighting brain cancer for a few years, yet was counted as a "corona-related" death despite having absolutely NOTHING to do with the virus. No one around him had ever had any connection to the virus. Forgive me if I doubt the veracity of the "data".

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