Tokyo reports 204 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 775


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Friday reported 204 new cases of the coronavirus, down 17 from Thursday. The number is the result of 5,167 tests conducted on Oct 27.

By age group, the most cases were people in their 20s (54), followed by 39 in their 30s.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 30,881.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 31, up two from Thursday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 775.

Four coronavirus-related deaths were reported.

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These daily blow by blow "updates" are the Chinese equivalent of "Death by a thousand cuts."

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These daily blow by blow "updates" 

Must be terrible that somebody forced you to click on the article and to write a comment.

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Still, 99.95% recover.

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Must be terrible that somebody forced you to click on the article and to write a comment.

Lol.Somebody's got jokes all of a sudden.

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Still, 99.95% recover.

Get your facts before commenting! The death stats currently stands at 2.7% globally and 1.75% in Japan. Have some respect for the people who have lost their loved ones and the health care workers who are putting their life on the line daily dealing with this pandemic! Yes, we need to keep living despite COVID-19 by working, opening borders and build the economy but downplaying the severity of the virus is wrong! There is a big difference between your 0.5% death rate and the actual death rate of 2.7%!

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