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Tokyo reports 256 new cases of coronavirus; nationwide total 914


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It would be great if it's winding down.

Keep wearing masks, folks, am sure we're all brave enough to put up with a bit of discomfort as opposed to irreversible lung damage or, y'know, death.

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Coronavirus is a scam. What kind of deadly virus is it that kills 0.011% of worlds population?

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This thing is winding down.

According to whom?

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These numbers are controlled and capped. For the last few months the trend is unrealistic. Since around June the new numbers in Tokyo have always been between around 220 to 350.

Think about it. A new positive case passes it on to around 10 more people. A wave/ spike would see the numbers steadily increasing. Especially if there is no lockdown or state border controls (for which there are not).

It is not possible for the number of new cases in Tokyo to be between around 220 and 350 over the course of a few months. Either the trend will spread or New Zealand-type controls will see a decrease.

Clearly these tests are controlled and capped. Probably even the positive results as well.

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Clearly these tests are controlled and capped. Probably even the positive results as well.

Yep, if they are controlling the tests, why not the result itself?

But it's not clear that they are doing it.

For what purpose? Why?

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last time I commented on air con I got voted down. recycled air (which is what air con mostly is) spreads droplets easier than fresh air (i.e. ceiling fans, open windows). it aint rocket science.

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What kind of deadly virus is it that kills 0.011% of worlds population?


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@Fanny Green no it isn'tok maybe a little bit rocket science. best nick ever btw

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Obon is over, summer vacation will end next week and let us see what the numbers will look like after that!

I think september 2-nd we will be down to 2 digits. maybe even sooner.

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Yep, if they are controlling the tests, why not the result itself?

Exactly .

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If the world's heads of state and the general public who are capable of reading (and understanding) literary fiction had taken the trouble to read Albert Camus' 1947 novel, "The Plague", we wouldn't be where we are now, faced with a virus pandemic that is far from finished with us. Camus clinically describes how a pandemic evolves and the human failings and folly that facilitate its exponential spread. Anyone who has read this fictional account would never be blasé  about the reality and danger of covid-19 or underestimate its power to humble mankind. There is a Japanese translation that would have given the AWOL Abe an idea of what he and other Japanese shoulda, coulda, woulda done.

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Please be safe everyone!

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Remember people saying the summer heat will "kill" it? Didn't happen, I guess.

Very few people are dying. The extra sun exposure strengthens our immunity.

Remember folks saying only the older ones get "hit"? Didn't happen.

Everyone can get infected, but it is almost exclusively the old and sick that suffer and die from it.

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Herd infection.

One 'contracts' the virus which is a case. Means little because the overwhelmingly positive rate of survival is stageringly high.

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Remember people saying the summer heat will "kill" it? Didn't happen, I guess.

I think you read into that "kill it all". Also there is increased sunlight and humidity before "heat". My prediction was that the daily new infection rate for Japan would go to the lower double digits for the summer. What I was doing was taking into account that hospitals and old folks homes don't get much sunlight indoors and many occupants don't go out. Also some have the air conditioner on all day.

What I did not take into account was the extreme weather we have been having, from literally consecutive weeks of cloud and rain to literally consecutive weeks of extreme heat and dryness. How could anyone have predicted this utterly crazy weather?

Even so my prediction for Japan has held up quite well even in daily infection rates went into the hundreds sometimes. I would only say it was a complete fail it it was in the thousands.

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Stop looking at the PCR data. They're going up in number because more tests are being done.

The data of interest is the total number of people hospitalized. Both in the general ward and in the ICU. 

This is the most reliable data.

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Reckless, where did this “let’s get back to work” mumbo jumbo come from? The vast majority of us HAVE been back to work for months and months.

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People who disagree about the existence or lethality of the coronavirus.

I had the virus myself four months ago. And I assure you from my own experience. Which is not a normal flu, nor is it a simple cold. I had a high fever for four days. I got a little thrombus on my forehead, causing a swelling. And my lungs almost flooded.

And it all happened at incredible speed. The doctors calculated that I was infected in less than 9 days. And it took me 22 days to get out of the hospital. Not a medical discharge. Since space was needed to cover new patients. In the hospital corridor I found out that there were also young people in their thirties.

And no. The coronavirus is not a fraud. Unfortunately.

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Hope you're fully recovered.

I think you miss most posters point, they aren't saying the virus doesn't exist nor does it cause hospitalization in all patients.

Instead, the point is your type of case is very rare in younger people, furthermore the risk of infection across all age groups is very rare.

Thus calls for a lockdown or similar measures are unwarranted.

Again hope you are fine.

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Can't believe so many here can be so naive and easily manipulated, the numbers are not

going down anywhere, the number of test was down hence the lower number the

256 cases are for the massive 3840 test performed on Thursday Aug 20 down from the

massive 4817 test performed on Wed that yielded 339 cases.

For reference sake NY is doing 88,000 test a day, you can compare and contrast if you can bother to.

There is no containment plan and to think the virus is on the downward trend beggars believe

The results are regulated by controlling the number of test performed not that the numbers are

falling naturally. The virus is still strongly infectious and there are thousand of people out there who

are infected and know they are infected but won't take a test for fear of discrimination or loosing their

jobs. There is wide community spread already and the low number of test is obscuring the real situation.

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They don’t have COVID 19 on my Animal Crossing island. I’m spending all my time there. Only cherries, coconuts, the occasional peach and sushi to eat.. well, once I get a sushi knife recipe.

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