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Tokyo reports 304 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,270


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 304 new cases of the coronavirus, down 31 from Thursday.

The number (160 men and 144 women) is the result of 8,053 tests conducted on March 9. Seventy-six cases were aged 60 and over.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 37, down two from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 354.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 1,270. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Saitama (155), Osaka (111), Kanagawa (107), Chiba (105), Hokkaido (53), Aichi (52), Miyagi (49), Hyogo (49), Ibaraki (43), Fukuoka (43) and Okinawa (38).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 58.

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infections keep stable while Total Tests are very variable 1,400~8,000 tests.

Shall we start tracking percentages instead of raw numbers?

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Who's in charge? Ahhhh! The Officials are. No wonder the numbers are increasing.

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Theu just can’t get it under 300.....but they’ll do that next week with lower testing to ensure they can lift the SOE. This whole game of closing bars and restaurants after 8pm is pathetic now. Walk around Yurakucho, Akihabara or Tsukishima Monja Doori on Saturday and you’ll see why it’s never under 300. Look out for the shutters that are down but customers inside. This is rife now as no one is actually checking if people are adhering to the rules.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

These mom and pop business aren't going to stay closed for ever. They have to survive they have been staying in business discreetly to their loyal clientele. What used to be business in now BITness, doing a little business just to stay afloat to pay the bills. This is why you see the shade pulled lights on and people inside. The business owners want to survive and their every day normal customers want to get out so no one talks, its only by word of mouth! Speakeasy as we use to call them!!!

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Is this the original variant data being squeezed out by the new ones or does this include the new UK/Brazil/SA testing?

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I after living several years in Japan am now based in the UK. 1st dose COVID Vaccinations here have now reached 23m yet, Japan strongly advises for Japanese nationals, any travel to level 3 countries. Is there no logic to setting the severity level of the travel destination based on the % of the target population vaccinated and as such differentiating between nations be they in the same Continental European geographic block ?

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