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Tokyo reports 57 new coronavirus infections


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Are they still doing testing in Tokyo? There seems to be a need to do so. I understand that 50 new cases might seem trivial in such a large city, but how many new cases are acceptable?

Melbourne has had a surge in hotspot cases too, mostly from overseas. There were 21,000 people tested in Melbourne in the last 24 hours.

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Without the number of tested 50 "new" cases has no meaning whatsoever.

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And.... how many were tested, and how many of the positive people are symptomatic, seriously ill and so on?

Stats are basically meaningless without proper context.

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The majority are young and asymptomatic from certain areas or industry. They are not patients while some media outlets label them so.

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There are usually less than 2000 tests per day. Yesterday there was 1883 tests. Sunday under 300 tests.

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My company alone tested 5 positives in a single day.....one company finding 10% of all positives for that day? REALLY? These numbers are definitely being under reported

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It is past the time to turn Rainbow bridge red.

Or is the government worried more about economy.

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Please report how many were tested!! Give the people some context!

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Only 20,000 infected. BS.

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The media said, half number of the infection cases are occupied night club related workers and young people from 20s to 30s

I wish Tokyo government has continued monitored and controlled the trend

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For all the latest COVID-19 info for the Tokyo area https://stopcovid19.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en

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57 in a city of of more than 40 million when including the metro area. Not newsworthy, stop the fearmongering!

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So 57 people got the sniffles....

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57 people infected with a virus 99.99999% of them will get over in a few days or show no symptoms at all. Run for the hills everyone!

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

So, according to the link from Richard White (thanks), the number of seriously ill patients in the Tokyo metro area has been declining steadily and now sits at 14 people, and the number of hospitalised people is at 231 and is staying flat, even though the number of tests is gradually rising (but still far fewer than elsewhere around the world.

So it seems that very few people are getting sick. A couple of months back the government kept testing low in a vain hope of keeping the Olympics. Now it seems, to me at least, they are keeping test numbers low because high numbers would indicate few people are getting sick, which in turn suggests the virus is either not as dangerous to most people as they want us to believe, or the virus is mutating into less potent strains.

For us to adopt this "new normal" garbage they're pushing, we need to be scared, but the evidence doesn't seem to be on their side.

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I sincerely doubt the increase in cases had much to do with the lifting of the restrictions in Tokyo. These numbers are result of tracing people. Or in other words, really June is not so different from May.

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One other potential problem I see here is weaponizing the virus for ultimately profits.

for example, infiltrating an asymptomatic client by competitors.

I sincerely doubt this is regulated or looked into (maybe it is just not sure).

How does this tracing work ? I would imagine the tracing team and whoever enforces these tests has the authority to close down shops like those in kabukicho or roppongi.

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I don't think it's only among Japanese people have this epidemic numbers increasing in Tokyo area.

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Yokohama station is like a petri dish, look how many people touch the suica scanner with their wallet. Ojisans coughing and sneezing into the air and grabbing the train hand straps after picking their noses.

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the meaningless arbitrary number is rising, time to pick another meaningless arbitrary number. Without the testing numbers it's just PR

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in a free press we would be hearing about the aches and pains of ramping up the resources necessary for a testing system for 20,000 to 50,000 people per day so it's clear they're not doing anything of the kind

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The only number that counts is body count and it seems low

That's rich. What makes you think you have any accurate numbers at all? It's already been documented that likely deaths get attributed to other ailments. Anything and everything to stop any news

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Just after more cases getting reported, number of cases tested are decreased by 10 times. what logic explains that?

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As always with these news, let's all do the only sensible thing to do: scream and cry

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Perhaps Japan should stop abandoning people at 1.30 a.m miles from home as it's deemed too late for people to be out? My last train home only got me half way there so I spent the last four hours unnecessarily breathing all over a karaoke and seven eleven. I'm now on the first Morning train and it's full of people just like me. We are all sharing the virus. All of us could have been safely home hours ago. What a joke Japanese public transport is.

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"""Seventeen of the 57 were either workers or customers of host clubs and other nighttime establishments"""

almosr 30% !!! Nothing more could be done to in these areas of work, if someone choose to go and get infected then let them have at it.

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