Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Monday reported 78 new cases of the coronavirus, down 68 from Sunday. The number is the result of 2,713 tests conducted on Oct 9.

The tally brought Tokyo's cumulative total to 27,793.

The number of infected people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 25, up one from Sunday, health officials said.

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There seems to be a lot of variation in numbers day by day. Is it because of numbers tested? No doubt tomorrow will be over two hundred.

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Nice number.

The Excel macro is giving us nice randoms.

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But the number with severe symptoms is always around 25. At first I thought this was providing some statistical significance. Now I just think they stop counting after they get to 25.

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Nice to see the number lower but we see this kind of variation every week with weekends and so on.

In any case the number of active cases is falling so we can be thankful for that.

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Wish this was true.

I just gave up getting upset with how little testing is being done to understand the real situation.

I just do my best to not get it, that is the best all of us can do to be honest.

It is around, a lot as everywhere else in the world. Daily numbers, active cases, severe patients... the government will never dig deep to understand.

Shoganai! Just hope not to get it or anyone around me. Unfortunately this is the best all of us can do, with what we have.

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@AG: Keep up that positive attitude. You'll enjoy each day a little more.

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Covid-19 data. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Number of hospitalized people reported yesterday: 1085.

Number of hospitalized people reported today: 1116.

Difference between yesterday and today: +31

Mild-moderate and Serious symptoms data. They are already included in the total number of people hospitalized. It should also be remembered that data on severe symptoms are already reflected in the Japan Today article. And there is no need to mention them again in the comments.

The upward trend in hospital occupancy continues. But it is still too early to know if this is the beginning of the dreaded second wave.

We will have to wait until next Friday. To have a more precise understanding of the situation.

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This is sad 78? not that I asking the value to be higher as I don't want folks to catch this bugger. But it just shows how badly they are careless and letting the virus run its course.

The entire public is open in Japan why not open the borders too? What differences does it make any how with the lack of testing and carelessness?

Or maybe the low testing is a result of doctors who are cowarding away and not helping those in need of a PCR test by not welcoming you if you have any cold like symptom. Especially the fever fear.

Hope thing gets better here soon. We can't allow this to continue and make wearing a mask a fashion.

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According to Worldometer, Japan is sitting at about 4-5 deaths per day due to corona. Considering that 4,000 people a day in Japan die anyway, that is basically nothing. Time to end the insanity and get back to normal living.

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Time to end the insanity

What insanity would that be?

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The insanity of fearing a virus that is no longer a threat. Time for life to return.

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