Tokyo Sky Tree's two observation decks named


The operator of 634-meter Tokyo Sky Tree, which opens on May 22, has announced the names of the two observation decks.

Tobu Tower Skytree Co said the lower observation platform (at 350 meters) will be called "Tenbo Deck." Besides the usual observation view, it will have a glass floor offering a view straight down. The higher observation deck, at 450 meters, is "Tenbo Kairo" and will be completely enclosed in glass all the way around.

On rainy and cloudy days, the observation platform will be illuminated with a blue light.

Tobu Tower Skytree Co said that the nearest subway station -- Oshiage Station -- will get another name -- Sky Tree Mae" (In front of Sky Tree).

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Hmmm, "second floor" and "third floor" would have worked for me!

Hope they don't drop the Oshiage name (i.e. "Oshiage - Sky Tree Mae" as it is nice to know where it is. Pity for a town to become anonymous!

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as nutty as sora no ki

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I don't like the observatory names but changing the station name is a good idea..and no it has nothing to do with the "town"..oshiage only refers to the road intersection..big deal the intersection will keep its name but the station wont.

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