Tokyo starts doling out cash to businesses closed due to coronavirus


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Rent relief for businesses and taxpayer cash infusions arriving. Workers still waiting for the applications. Well, their priorities are clear.

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Businesses: On the dole.

Workers: You have those tents ready?

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I also mean by Racist "Laws" imposed upon Banking institutions which stipulate that the person investing has to understand Native Japanese.

In Japan. And you consider this racist. And you expect people to take the rest of your post seriously.

Yeah, right.

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Where's my Free Cash ?

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How about the people that worked at these places? They just get kicked to the side by the businesses and the government"

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Help for businesses is coming but does it matter to anti-Japan trolling? No

Hating Japan saying negative things no matter what the government does, this people would still complain. Once the Abe administration is gone they will complain about the new government just watch.

Few Japanese doing something bad also means all Japanese are like that. That's how the propaganda goes.

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Aw how sweet of the gov't. And now the employees who have been out of work for over a month just could be next to get help.

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Sweet more free cash? First the government gives me 2,000,000 yen and now even more money? I won't have to lay myself off! Time to go buy some toilet paper and more stocks after the next dip. Thx Japan govt!

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Hang on! These shops have only been closed a week.

How much are the workers getting?

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While I can appreciate that governments that are elected must take some action, I do not see how (1) this money should simply go to one category of business when the majority of every business regardless of size has suffered from COVID19 and (2) the amounts if one time payments are not goig to be enough to keep most business afloat if the economic impact continues.

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The government won't have to dole out so much cash if they fully open up the economy sooner than later.

These low infection numbers are so encouraging despite the complaints on here that the Japanese aren't social distancing to western, draconian standards. Mortality rate is, and has always been, lower than the flu here in Japan. And there is even a vaccine for the flu!

624 Covid deaths in 4.5 months of 2020.

3400 deaths by flu in Japan 2018/19 season (see link below)

Pre-Covid, society was willing to accept larger mortality risks without shutting everything down. Death from disease cannot be prevented. Look at the odds. Don't live in fear.

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I don’t get why small and medium businesses get helped out whereas even smaller, even needier enterprises don’t.

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O.K.WHERE do I apply.

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I just keep getting dryer and dryer coughs the more I read about this administration and its pathetic solutions, and also for the support of so many people for this group of hoodlums. How can people be so naive???

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That's nice, the family and I are still waiting for our supposedly much debated about yen..: (

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