Tokyo to hold cycling event on iconic Rainbow Bridge for 1st time


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Very happy to see this. It is ridiculous that important pieces of infrastructure like this bridge and the bigger one connecting Kanagawa and Chiba are closed to you unless you have an automobile.

At the very least, there should be a pedestrian lane on either side of the road. You never know what kind of emergency could take out train services and force Chibans working in Kanagawa (or the other way around) to suddenly have to walk home, as we saw in March 2011. But even without thinking about emergencies, this infrastructure should be open to everyone.

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There is a pedestrian lane on the Rainbow Bridge, but it is not opened 24 hours. It is a very nice walk, especially if the weather is good. Bicycles are allowed, but you cannot ride them, you have to push them. The lane is quite narrow, and especially in weekends, crowded.

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But is it 7 colors ?

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hope they allow cycling on the bridge from now on...although true what the other commenters say here...the walkway is quite narrow and the bridge columns are on the way so it is not a very easy ride...and the roadway has a lot of fast vehicles and trucks passing so it does not seem so safe...but i must confess I really hated to have to cross the bridge pushing my bike on that primitive wooden cart...however avoiding the bridge is also tough...makes me have to go a long way around the bay...

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That'll be a cool sight. Hope the crosswinds aren't too bad that day.

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