Tokyo to look into theater infections after 30 cases reported


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Go to campaign will be a so fun to watch as it unfolds.

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You do not determine it. The virus do.

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Why would anyone go to a theatre during COVID ~ 19 season? Stay at home and watch Netflix. Am I right?

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Your schadenfreude is palpable.

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Go to Premium Friday. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

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"It is like putting cooling and heating systems on at the same time. I'm not sure how we are supposed to deal with that,"

Every now and then, a politician says something sensible.

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Will they get ab extra 100,000 yen?

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Koike acknowledged number of infected detected only depends on the number of tests. Fiddling figures is national sport in Asia.

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You would think that all that exists in Japan is Shinjuku. It's literally all they ever report.

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yet, she is quoted as saying, in another piece here: "the Olympics must go ahead next year as a symbol of world unity in overcoming the novel coronavirus".

"It is like putting cooling and heating systems on at the same time". sounds about right!

this sums it up though "I'm not sure how we are supposed to deal with that". you and every other 'leader' in the world.....

if nothing else, 'the Covid' has shown up all sorts of realities in the human world, that are usually camouflaged on way and another.

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Surprise Surprise. Sure with everday almost half not traceable infections, then its possible to pop up somewhere else. Ridiculous is that the Go to campaign is coming earlier, its like the want it spreading. But hey first the economy and then the health. We can care later about that. Young people get more infections, the old stay almost home, natural behavior of old. Sure that the deathrate is low then, young people dont die so easily.

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Koike acknowledged number of infected detected only depends on the number of tests. Fiddling figures is national sport in Asia.

exactly. And now that she's announced that the Olympics must go on, she will purposefully keep the testing to a minimum to make sure that they do go on. The Olympics are proving to be the biggest obstacle to us fighting this virus.

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Actors and so not a movie theatre.

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Why would anyone go to a theatre during COVID ~ 19 season? Stay at home and watch Netflix. Am I right?

According to gov. Only Shinjuku and Ikebukuro hosts and hostesses are susceptible to the virus, and events up to 5000 people now and infinite after August are perfectly safe.

People are just doing what the gov tells then to do, go travel, attend events, and eat-in as what the go to campaign encourages

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A regular theater or the movie type?

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Supposedly the actors were shaking hands with the fans. I can only shake my head at that logic for some people.

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If the theaters are that bad, what about the crowded trains?

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I'm starting to wonder if we fluked keeping the virus numbers down...

Seriously, with all we now know, how do things like this happen?

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What a surprise. JT is controlling the narrative. And who says those with a brain shouldn't trust all that comes from the media...

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They probably didn't practice what J-scientists have found to be quite prescient:

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When are the people in charge going to realise that this virus isn't just going to go away.

Reopening theatres, gyms, bars, and other places where people frequent en masse 'slowly' is only going to mean the virus starts spreading again 'slowly'. Sure that's better than it spreading quickly, but as there is no vaccine, and no definite timeline for when a vaccine might be ready, the best thing we can do is act in ways to minimize the virus from spreading at all.

That doesn't include frequenting theatres, gyms, and bars etc. These are not necessary in our lives. We can watch movies at home. We can exercise in the park or on the streets. We can buy alcohol in shops and drink at home. These businesses also need to find ways to adapt. Can theatres record and stream their productions? Can gyms operate some classes in local parks? Can bars and restaurants provide delivery or take-out services? These times call for more creative thinking and cooperation from everyone.

It's not the same, I get it, but are we that stubbornly self-centered that we can't stop doing non essential things in order to protect the health of other people?

This virus isn't going to go away until there is a vaccine. There is a high chance it will even get worse in the autumn and winter when flu season starts. It may even continue for 12-18 months more. We should be preparing for these possibilities NOW, not trying to reinforce to people it's OK to slowly go back to business as usual. It isn't.

The national government and local authorities should be putting steps in place right now surrounding business operations, social distancing policies, plans for public transport operation etc. as well as stocking up on PPE, and making sure hospitals and all emergency workers are ready for a potentially stronger second wave.

We all need to be adjusting to these new steps now, so that IF it does indeed get worse in the autumn/winter, or does continue for the next 12-18 months, we are ready, prepared, and adapted to a new way of working and living.

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Koike. Master of the (literally) mixed metaphor. And deflection. Advancing that the increase in SARSCoV-2 cases in Tokyo, is simply the result of increased testing in Tokyo, unlike other prefectures, as if Tokyo has a grip in dealing with the contagion. And for Koike, neighboring prefectures are in a different universe. Completely ignoring the case at hand involving an indoor theater presentation that apparently was not in line with established protocols, as if a live production could somehow sidestep such and escape any consequence. Then her insipid criticism of the central government with a cheap metaphor - she seems incapable of rational discourse and basically concerned with the advancement of her career, an ego-bound ambition similar to the current PM. On a side-note, The Olympics: it was possible to delay the games until 2022, the prime minister pushed for a one year delay, as he departs office in September 2021. Koike, is in that camp for other reasons. Fortunately, the IOC makes the decision, not Koike & Abe and cabal. But, that aside: let's spread the infection throughout Japan by encouraging domestic tourism. Instead of remaining at home. The numbers flattened, so why not create a big, fat spike via government sanctioned actions. That will save the tourist economy and later fill empty hospital beds. Direct subsidies or financial assistance apparently is beyond the ability of the central government, especially to small, independent shops and restaurants, instead a cockamamie plan contracted out for a large sum and essentially subsidizes large travel agencies. All during torrential rain, floods and an increase in SARSCoV-2.

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What is the name of the theater? Maybe some readers were at a theater recently and would like to know.

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Theater Moliere in Shinjuku Ward between June 30 and July 5.

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