Tokyo to reopen gyms in next phase of post-emergency road map


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Good news.

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Quit my gym, best thing I ever did. Got a heavy bag hanging in the garage, bench and lots of dumbells. All I need at my age! Saving about 6,000yen a month.

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I don't clearly understand the timetables of this three step plan..

According the article here Phase 2 will start end of this month. So This coming Sunday?

So I can watch "Bad Boys for life" in Cinema on this Sunday?

And Phase 3?

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I won't feel this is completely phased out until the stores take down those silly plastic sheets, known for letting viruses linger for hours.

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I need my swimming pool.

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According to some the disinfectant in the water will kill Covid-19

Anyone that posits this, shouldn't be running a gym.

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For exercise I have nearby rice fields for good walks, riding my mountain bike, back home I have a bar for pullups etc, couple dumb bells but haven't been using those much since I got a set of tension bands which I am really digging, can get pretty creative, got everything I need!

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Tennis courts closed til June 30, according to the metro website. Yesterday, saw guys playing on an open basketball court while the nearby tennis courts were closed and empty. Yeah, that's fair. Hopefully, the date will be pulled forward.

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Phases 1 and 2 in just one week. At this pace, phase 3 will be done in less than three full weeks. Just open everything already and go straight back to normal. What's the worst thing that could happen?

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JeffLee, most of the tennis schools opened or will open from next week. Many private tennis courts stayed opened, but only for members. The public tennis courts, yes, from July. Which is strange, 2 to 4 people on a tennis court is certainly more distancing than an indoors gym, a department store, or public transportation...

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Didn't Tokyo JUST Monday lift the State of Emergency extended until the end of June in phase one? So, phase two in a few days? I guess the sooner they bring on the peak of the first wave and start for the second the better. A Japanese friend of mine is a gym owner and he says it'll be near impossible to enforce any recommendations being asked of gyms, while ALL customers will be champing at the bit to get in there at the same time. Sweat flying, people breathing heavily and expelling droplets into the air, gyms in Japan often not enforcing wipe-down policies after people use machines, and are they going to have people standing in the bathrooms and pool enforcing social distancing to the naked people in there? Doubt it. As much as I want to go back to my gym (that still charged me for April and May despite being closed, because cancelling the furikomi process requires documents and hankoing in person -- which we can be discounted for later when we DO go in and hanko), these are the absolute last places that should be open, as well as massage parlors, hair salons, etc.

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Time to get back to normal

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Christopher Glen: "Time to get back to normal"

'Cause look what that got us. The new normal, yes, which means thinking about how we do things and adjusting, including keeping gyms and other places closed, or open with extreme limitations (perhaps the government can help with that, instead of subsidizing things like masks), working/schooling from home where possible, and more. Back to the way things were before? Won't be long, that way, before things are even worse.

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those silly plastic sheets, known for letting viruses linger for hours.

Pro-tip to you: don't lick them.

For now, they keep the spittle of shoppers, especially those to precious to wear mask, away from the hard-working staff behind the sheets.

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The people of the world are sick to death of governments trying to save their lives, open up when it's safe to do so!!!!

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No doubt gyms will require all users to wear a mask, which is kind of impractical for cardio workouts such as running. I have no problem to wear a mask if a store requires it etc, but if the situation is such that a mask is essential I'd rather the gym just stayed closed. They are always free to only allow use of every second treadmill etc but I imagine that mine won't.

(and yes, I can always run outside, but I much prefer treadmills due to the softer running surface and less intersections etc)

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Please god no, no mask rules in the gym. See articles in all today's newspapers about wearing masks while exercising leads to heatstroke. Plus, who can breathe properly while really working out and wearing a white paper face doily.

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See articles in all today's newspapers about wearing masks while exercising leads to heatstroke.

Only if you don't stop when you start to overheat.

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