Tokyo to turn former Tsukiji fish market to conference center

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Last thing Tokyo's needs is another "convention" center! Make it a park, plants some trees, give the people some space to get away from the concrete and steel of Tokyo!

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The plans are expected to be finalised in March after gathering views from local residents.

Yeah, We all know how that works. Get their views and move forward no matter what they say.

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hear hear! Yubaru

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A conference center? Good god, how boring. I just got sleepy reading this article. Come on boys, be ambitious!

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So, what happened to the 2020 Olympic Park?

Every country builds a park when they host the Olympics, except Japan - they build a conference centre.

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Seriously, another one? It's not like there's not already countless venues and hotels that can be used for conventions and expos here. Just something for the rich people to play along with and the normal people can't enjoy.

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What happened to the casino development plans there?

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That's exactly what Japan needs, another place to have more meetings.

And a fishy smell.

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A nice waterside park with a museum and library would be nice or something like pier 39 in San Francisco would be great.

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open new fish market... ,charge double to move back from all wanting vendors... and prosper., who cares if there is opposition... its not illegal so just tell them to get lost to toyosu

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Whaat? The Toyosu move is a disaster. A working iconic and wonderful combination of wholesale and retail has been rent asunder. For what? Clearly, the government and Koike has NO idea of how to fill the void they created. The astonishingly obvious answer will evade them: restore Tsukiji Market jonai/gai. Meanwhile, people, please visit the retail jogai. The spirit of Tsukiji is found there, not in Toyosu.

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