Tokyo's Shibuya scramble crossing to get huge new advertising screen


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What a relief. Whenever I cross there I always think, "This place could really use some more ads."

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Finally! If there's anything Shibuya need, it's more ads, noise and pointless junk.

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Big waste of money, considering 90% of the pedestrians in that part of Shibuya have their eyes affixed to their cell phones.

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Will probably be used solely to spam inescapable Johnny's garbage to the masses...

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the same size as a basketball court.

So it is going to be larger than most movie screens? That just seems like a bit overkill...

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Lets make the country need more power

5 ( +6 / -1 )

We will use ALL the power!

If people are so dead-set against nuke power, stop using so much electricity.

In the aftermath of 3/11, many train stations, shops, etc. cut down on electricity use, but now everything is not only back to normal, but they are using more than ever-for example, Takadanobaba station installed lighted advertising columns (before they just put posters on them) as have many of the other stations around town.

Advertising like this is too in-your-face and something I think many just find annoying and pointless.

ALL the power, we will use!

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Yeah. Because we don't already have enough advertising, right?

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They finally figured out what Shibuya was missing.

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So no one really care about setsuden and the like, eh? Lord the goverment and companies here are insane at times.

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Will they really need street lighting now with the addition of this new monster screen? I would be curious to find out if it makes a difference. I guess it really depends what's playing on all those screens but I'm sure it will be damn bright in that crossing at night.

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I wounded if the first add will be for Sony TVs?

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"It was made possible by reducing the weight to about three-fifths of a conventional screen."

Um, wouldn't 60% have been easier to say and understand?

I guess the person saying that knows that fractions are really easy for today's kids to understand so that's why it was stated as such... Yeah, I was being sarcastic if it wasn't obvious enough.

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'If only they hadn't been standing under the big screen in Shibuya when the earthquake struck..' It is truly a waste of already crowded space and will only benefit the people involved in its ownership and manufacture. This kind of advertising on a massive scale throughout Japan must consume a lot of energy that could be put to better use.

It is tacky technologically fixated hubris...The kind that every so often, nature has a way of rectifying.

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Bring it on Shibuya! Loud and colourful this is Tokyo! Love it…

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I do not care about this new kawaii crap, but make a real basketball court available for kids in a 1Km circle around Shibuya.

Most pathetic crowded and unfriendly place in the world (I used to live there for 3 years… enough!)

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Thinking to get one for my home entertainment system.

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