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Tomokazu Miura and Momoe Yamaguchi voted most ideal couple for 11th straight year


Actor Tomokazu Miura, 64, and former idol singer Momoe Yamaguchi, 57, have been chosen the most ideal married couple of the year in an annual survey conducted by insurance company Meiji Sumitomo Seimei. The couple, who married in 1980, have been ranked first continuously for the past 11 years, Fuji TV reported.

Although singer DAIGO, 38, and actress Keiko Kitagawa, 30, were ranked 5th, they were the most popular married couple among the respondents in their 20s.

The survey also asked about the differences in how much married couples spend on lunch. The most common answer for husbands was around 500 yen, while wives said they spend about 1,000-1,500 yen.

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But, do they sleep in the same room?

That's an interesting statistic about lunch costs. It boils down to, the husband does what he is told and the wife does whatever she likes. The perfect couple? Yeah right!

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Rigged! My wife and I were ranked 2nd... again!

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I'm only surprised it wasn't another stupid award already, and was just a survey.

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What makes them an authority?

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1500 yen on lunch a day?!?!?

What the bloody hell are these women eating every day?

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I can't believe I'm bored enough to be responding to this drivel, but do the people who announce this sort of garbage ever feel obliged to give an explanation for how they've arrived at such a ridiculous pronouncement?

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Stuck in the past.

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I have no surprised about Tomokazu Miura, 64, and Momoe Yamaguchi, 57 are No,1 rank. You can't find wife like Momoe-chan and husband like Tomokazu. Especially Momoe-chan, she left everything behind to be good wife. Furimukeba Ai was my favorite movie.

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I guess we are more ideal couple but unfortunately we are average people and this disqualifies us from the contest. We met in Australia and some good time and had a long distance relation for almost over five years. In these years we contacted only through Skype and Line and whensoever we could have free time we organized meetup in Australia, Japan or some other countries. Finally, we got married and I gave up my job in Australia and came to Japan to live with her. I don't know any Japanese and I know I am not going to get a good job here because of my language incapability, in addition to that, we live in a countryside, so finding an ideal job is next to impossible but still I am here and we are having a good time. We have been compromising from last five years on many things because of our different culture too. I don't think they have gone through all these....So, I vote ourselves as the best couple of the year....Cheers.

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Daigo is 38? Wow I thought he was younger!

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