Tons of Japanese nuclear waste may be destined for overseas disposal


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Out of sight out of mind right?

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"This is what you get when the state has failed to seriously discuss what to do with waste,"

This is what you get when Japan, Inc. has been so negligent for so many decades regarding the way they have dealt with energy issues. Different ways of generating energy that are based on resources found within Japan have to be developed if Japan is to remain independent and able to compete economically. Burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and using nukes should have been left behind long, long ago. Japan can start by conserving more, and finding more ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose.

Mottainai should become central to life here and everywhere else on the planet

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So what Japan really achieved after Fukushima? Nothing change?

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Agreed, Ass. Reminds us of an old saying: Let “he who smelt it, dealt it”. The mere idea of pawning it off on other countries through private profiteers is itself both offensive and vulgar.

@AssToday 5:02pm: “Out of sight out of mind right?” -

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Hmm - no domestic protests against this plan? What would erupt if the geta were on the other ashi and another country had chosen Japan as its nuclear waste dump site is very imaginable.

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I can see kleptocrats spending a few million dollars on industry experts to win contracts, and putting billions in their Geneva accounts.

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Please don't send them to Africa or anywhere else. Dispose of them at home.

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Russia will probably be desperate enough to buy it soon.

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in the Don Delillo novel, Underworld, the main protagonist is a 'waste management' executive (note: management, not disposal, because there's no way to dispose of stuff, only to store it) and at one stage there's a program (in Kazakstan or somewhere over that way) experimenting with disposal by nuclear explosion! wait for it folks!

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Elon, how's Falcon Heavy? How much is 10 one way trip to the sun?

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Luge Solar Farms tied into Local power companies may be the answer, there finding there’s way into local power companies throughout the United States today. They’re a great way to subsidize existing non nuclear facilities. Japan gets lots of offshore Wind , another source of energy. California and the Eastern freeboard are also subsidized by them. Nuclear power plant are used worldwide & are great as long as proper procedures are adhered too, however to many employees become commonplace in the routines and it only takes one small error in Judgment to cause a major incident.

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Finland adopted a policy of guaranteeing that all spent nuclear waste is disposed of within their own country. They have built a deep undergorund 'repository' to store the waste for 100,000 years at Onkalo.

The documentary 'Into Eternity' about how to make a safe storage place that will remain undisturbed well beyond our current human civilization is fascinating and worth watching.

Due to Japan's geology this option is impossible. Mt Fuji in its current form is only 10,000 years old, barely twice as old as Stonehenge. Maybe nuclear power isn't suitable for this island.

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Send it to Elon Musk and have him blast it to the moon.

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Call Green Peace on speed dial

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No developing countries have the technical means to handle it,no developed countries will accept the watse, another pie in the sky Japanese idea

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Have the high level managers take some home with them every day.

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Compare this situation to a similar scenario: in the USA, much of the plastic waste is shipped overseas to "recycling" facilities , who charge a hefty fee for their services, then turn around and dump it all in the ocean.

All the efforts of the public to do the right thing are wasted, much fuel is used transporting the waste, also wasted. And the trash ends up in the ocean, while millions sleep peacefully thinking that they are part of a solution.

Every country needs to have the will and the means to deal responsibly with their own waste. It is the height of ignorant arrogance to think otherwise.

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