Top court approves seizure of N Korea 'embassy'


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It is about time this happened. NK needs to get over the 1910-1945 occupation of the Korean peninsula. It has already been 100 years. It will be interesting to see if all the "bugs" in the walls still work and to whom they were connected.

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I am surprised that these North Koreans do not just ask Big Momma CHINA for $$$ to get them out of this mess too.

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I have information regarding the destruction of north korea.

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Can't see NK taking this very well, if this is truly an "embassy" Japan just invaded NK.

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“It is very regrettable,” a spokesman for the North Korean organisation told AFP. “We strongly hope that the issue will be resolved through dialogue.”

No. It should be resolved by money= you paying your debts. Idiot.

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noriyosan73 - Would you also agree that Japan has to get over the abductions that occurred back in the '70s and '80s too?

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Many in Japan view the North Korea with open hostility

Really? Not with fear? Wait for those WMDs to start hitting Tokyo any time soon now. (hiniku)

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It's not an embassy. Ambassadorial protocols don't exist. Take it back, evict the NKs and, as the song says, get over it. Sometimes simplicity rules.

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I wonder to whom and why they owed this money?

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Gogogo, I believe most of that is taxes.

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@Tom Webb: Don't think so, unless it was a tax break for only 1 year or something.

The Tokyo metropolitan government, headed by nationalist Shintaro Ishihara, in 2003 suspended a tax break which Chongryon enjoyed due to the building’s quasi-diplomatic status.

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They suspended a tax break, so they have to pay taxes, which they haven't done for years obviously.

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@Hide Suzuki: Hmm I read it as extended, damn my dyslexia

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Did not know an "embassy" could be seized...of course, NK would be the one.

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As TrevorPeace1 has already pointed out, it's not an Embassy, because Japan and North Korea don't have diplomatic relations. It's just a sort of "representative office", and as such doesn't qualify for diplomatic protections (though there are quite a lot of Japanese police around it in case anyone tries to burn it down or anything).

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Why does every article mention "Japans brutal rule"? Articles never mention Japans brutal rule of Okinawa. Wonders why the Peoples Republic of China would not help out their fellow communist state? Second it would seen Japan is punishing North Korea, oh wait this is in Tokyo. It fit show Ishihara and his one man fight.

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