Tornadoes rip off roofs in eastern Japan


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Japan doesn't get a break does it

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Sheesh... another one in two days. Japan is really being ripped a new one this year.

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Still, it's more likely that was a normal squall rather than tornado...

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While tornadoes might be rare in Japan it is a new thing at all! And, that bloody wombat suggesting it's related to pollution really needs to read a book or two.

Sept. 26, 1881 Miyazaki 16 fatalities

Sept. 23, 1903 Yodobashi City 10 fatalities, 14 injured

Nov. 28, 1941 Toyohashi City 12 fatalities, 177 injured, 347 homes destroyed

Nov. 10, 1957 Tomiye City 8 fatalities

May 24, 1964 Tokyo 480 homes damaged

Sept. 12, 2000 Tokyo Damaged several homes

Sept. 18, 2006 Nobeoka 3 fatalities

Nov. 7, 2006 Saroma 9 fatalities, 26 injured

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Was definitely a tornado, and likely one of the most recorded thanks to Japan's ubiquitous hand-helds.

Here's 11 minutes worth, including a dramatic one taken from the window of a moving train.

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My condolences to those who have been injured. We get a lot of Twisters here in Nebraska and usually get out the hammers and nails when the mess clears. sends some good Karma Japan's way

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The oldest recorded tornado in Japan occurred on May 25, 1180 in Kyoto's Kamigyo Ward Matsukagecho. It raged over just about 3 km towards the south-southwest. (casualties unknown)

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I would say that tornadoes are rather rare in Japan but they seem to be picking up since the turn of the century....

And it's hotter than the hubs of hades lately.

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>20 years in Japan and the weather has definitely changed for the stranger and hotter over that period.

It’s strange that you live in Japan and don’t know that the average temperatures are growing for like 150 years in Japan as well as the whole northern hemisphere、since the end of the last ’ice age’ in century. There was a drop in the 70’s/80’s but it started growing agin in mid 90’s and continues up to this day.

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The tornadoes here are nothing like the F5 from the Midwestern twisters that are average. As far as this year goes it is nothing like 2011 was. One of worst on records here.

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How about putting some design ideas for tornado proof buildings in this comments section? Perhaps a dome top shape that had edges below the surface, appearing as a ball sunken into the ground with only 1/6th of the ball emerging..... But if that doesn't work, maybe we can go back to sacrificing virgins or shaking branches around the fire at night. (Bug-eyed looks optional)

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I moved here from Kansas to get away from the Tornados and the Morons. Sadly it seems I have failed on both counts.....

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Five noticeable ones between 1881 and 1999 and at least 7 since 2000 would suggest that although they have historically occurred in Japan, they were rare, whereas now they are becoming much more common.

Something which could be attributed directly to global warming and pollution.

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Dre Hund, if that were practical, such buildings would be the norm in tornado-ravaged parts of the U.S.

I've been too close to too many tornadoes. Condolences to all those affected by them.

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