Torrential downpours continue to lash Kyushu


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I hope everyone stays safe in Kyushu. Good luck!

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Writers need to be checking the weather forecast for to. Clear and sunny for the rest of the week!

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*for tomorrow

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Crazy ... when I was climbing there last year it was already bad weather and kind of dangerous but at least we had no landslide oO

Wish them luck that this rain will stop soon enough to not chause much more trouble

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Watched the rescue efforts on TV news this morning (and now at night). Certainly looked miserable and treacherous. Great work by the SDF and others. Glad no one was seriously ill or injured, which in those conditions seems almost unbelievable.

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Got those rains here in Tokyo Tuesday morning. Gonna be an unpleasant trip to work.

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I spent a couple of years living in Kochi City, and once the rains came the streets were always knee-deep in stinking drainwater. Good luck to my old buddies down there - stock up on the tinnies.

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Be safe!

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Been raining crazy in Tokyo all day with high winds. Glad I am working at home today.

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why do people go there knowing that the weather is going to be so bad?

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