Tottori Sand Dunes to have blocks to prevent vehicle entry


Following the discovery of tire marks on the famous Tottori Sand Dunes this month, the Environment Industry and Tottori Prefecture are discussing placing blocks at the entrance of the sand dunes. 

The Tottori Sand Dunes are designated as a special protection area, a classification among national parks that has especially strict regulations. Although riding vehicles onto the dunes is prohibited, marks of car tires that stretched for about 300 meters, were found on Jan 5, local media reported.

The environment ministry and Tottori Prefecture concluded that although there is a sign saying that vehicles are prohibited from entering the area, the size and colors do not stand out, partly to preserve the scenery. 

Authorities plan to place blocks in five areas that are wide enough for vehicles’ entry. 

Uradome Park Ranger Aya Genseki said, “The sand dunes are home to rare species of animals and plants, so it is our firm wish that vehicles do not enter.”

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