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Tour operator fined over 2019 deaths of Japanese teens in Australia


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A lot of people drown in Australia every year. Majority are Asians who either can’t swim or don’t understand currents, rips holes etc make up the majority.

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How about giving the money to the families of the boys instead of to the government?

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Most Japanese kids can’t swim and the tour operators should not take them to swimming holes. You can’t graduate to an Australian high school if you can’t pass a bronze medal in the pool - swim 25m, tread water for five minutes and float for five minutes.

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I suppose language is the problem but Japanese holiday makers and working-holiday makers in Australia always seem to put their faith in Japanese-run companies and agents who are ripping them off all over the place. In this case, sad to say, the cost was the lives of these kids. Usually it is money.

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@Moonraker something that a lot of foreigners overlook about Japan is the sheer cultural difference. Apart from India and a few Islamic countries, Japan is literally the least westernized country out there.

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I have travelled a lot and seen a lot more less westernized countries. Most Westerners only travel to western countries and compare Japan to them. Also there are many swimming schools in Japan and produces top class swimmers every Olympics.

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All kids in Japan take swimming at school so the rate of high school students that can swim is high and it was not in an ocean, it was a lake. I have been swimming in that lake myself, not a particularly dangerous place to swim at all.

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Most Japanese kids can’t swim 

Really? Why does every Japanese school have swimming pools? For the ducks?

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How would you explain the low number of people who can swim in Japan then?

None of my Japanese family (6 people) can even keep their head above water.

many can swim, just not that well. And as for your family, a family with parents who don’t swim is far more likely to have kids who can’t swim

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The boys went missing on March 29, 2019, and their bodies were found in the waters of the lake the next day.

> A spokesperson from the Queensland Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor told Kyodo News on Friday, "The court noted that the business operator should have understood the dangers associated with swimming in the lake, and that it did not reasonably search for, detect, or eliminate risks."

How about some better background information? Did the boys go swimming on their own or something, and weren't wearing life vests?

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A lot of people drown in Australia every year. Majority are Asians who either can’t swim or don’t understand currents, rips holes etc make up the majority

Absolute hogwash. About 340 drowned in Australia last year. The vast majority, 75%, drowned in an area close to where they live.


And just because you "know" how to swim doesn't mean you can survive some type of accident, whether it be physical or weather related.

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For what it's worth, it seems to be disproportionately Asians who are rescued on 'Bondi Rescue'! Perhaps they have an agenda or are not PC enough yet. But anyone can get into trouble in heavy surf and rips. This story was a lake though.

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It has been my experience too, that most of Japanese friends can’t swim at all.

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Article doesn't give a lot of details.

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Australia seems to be [no, not it seems but it is] a very dangerous country. Dangerous in every way. The coastal waters attract sharks all year round because there are always swimmers whose two legs are easy for them to grab. The northern coasts are perfect breeding grounds for salt water crocodiles which grow to 12 feet with 4 inch teeth which can lock up an adult or human child for instant chomping or swallowing whole. The interior of this second largest island in the world is known as The Outback. The Outback occupies 90 % of this vast country and it is a desert larger than the Sahara with little or no human inhabitants but, many creepy, crawly inhabitants like snakes and lizards with venom which can kill any living creature within seconds. No antidote has yet been discovered, and some are capable of spitting poison at first sight in your eye. There are wild dogs which love to race after and munch human children. There are numerous other animals which are only found in Australia which are the stuff of our nightmares. I would much rather wish to travel to Mars than to Australia. Japan ! do not let your children travel to Australia for holidays or at any other time or, reason.

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I'd guess based on where Australia is located their main tourist population would be Asian people, while most white people in that show are Australian locals, which I'd guess by default are quite good at swimming. But yeah I know many Japanese that aren't really comfortable in the water, I feel it's a bit like having a drivers license here, everyone has one but there is many that haven't driven for decades.

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