Toxic puddles found at Fukushima nuclear plant


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It's probably so much easier and cheaper for them to wash such leaks down the drain and into the sea, and then bleat the usual 'sorrimasen' afterwards when the information gets out and further denials are hopeless, than fix all the equipment and storage tanks correctly.

They know that whatever actions they take or do not take, they will not be penalised or punished. The media will provide some token coverage, there will be a few protests, and it will all be forgotten in a matter of days, when the next problem is discovered, exposed or publicised.

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Strange! Why all these adverse reports on a daily basis almost now, after two years of denials and lies? What does the truth, however diluted, achieve now, that it wouldn't have done before?

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tepco is if not outright fraudulent grossly negligent at the very least. they obviously aren't doing a very good job with the clean up, probably to save money. i don't see how the government allows them to continue as a company. what a disgrace.

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The puddles are now 300 tons of leaked radioactive waste! See the related article here.

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Yeah, from 120 liters to 300 tons, they don't have a clue...

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