Toxic radiation in groundwater at Fukushima plant: TEPCO


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Japan don't need nuclear energy. LDP & DPJ are both CORRUPT!!

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Toxic radiation in groundwater at Fukushima plant: TEPCO

They seem to be handling problems as and when they come. I really doubt that TEPCO had put in place any sufficient safety measures in case of a nuclear catastrophe...

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However, a TEPCO official said last month that seawater data showed no abnormal rise in the levels

As usual TEPCO will revise this again in a few weeks. TEPCO is poisoning the Japan ground water and surroundings, surely it will affect all of us if not already.

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another day another leak or contamination.. no surprise. seems they also stopped measurements for strontium 90

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Oh, but pretty pretty please let us restart the Niigata plant without meeting the new safety guidelines!! PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!

Anyway, I read it was actually 900,000 bequerels per litre in another news source.

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The endless nightmare...if at least it could be useful to ban the nuclear power all around the world. Instead, nobody cares about this disaster. It isn't affecting only Japan, but also Pacific ocean.

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They just keep bungling, the Government keeps ignoring, like the disaster with the quicksilver, it will take a lot of victims before anything happens, Tepco and the governments motto "Ignorance is bliss!"

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Did they really think they would sweep it all away with time? Of course they did. Boy are they hoping for a successful Olympic bid! Another way to steer attention aways from the disaster that IS still paramount.

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Just another TEPCO SNAFU. I long for the day when there is actually some good news coming out of this plant.

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And they're applying to restart the reactors, when they can't even handle this disaster two years since. The same problems over and over again. I think their plate is full. Ban them from ever operating another reactor and force them to focus on cleaning up their mess!

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The Jpns are not interested in a clean-up, it is more like a cover-up.

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Tepco doesn't have a clue. The plant is still leaking radiation in the ground and air.

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Check back in 300 years it will still be toxic, people and all living things will be harmed and telco will still be pushing cancer/ nuclear power on the people

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